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  • d0rkyd00d

    Hi everybody! i'm so glad i am finally allowed to post my messages. they have been building up for quite some time, since the other message board wouldn't let me register because I felt uncomfortable putting what congregation i was with at the time in the appropriate box. But here i am at last!

    I'd like to start off by saying i love this discussion board, and i'm glad so many people are finding help here. I didn't really have help. But i'll tell everybody my story if interested. now, time for the topic i would like discussed.

    I have by no means lost faith in God. I think he is the most wonderful being, which is clearly expressed throughout his creations. However, something has plagued my mind every since researching the witness ( and all other ) religions. Jehovah's witnesses, like so many religions, have shown God to be one similar in my mind to acting like Satan. I mean, why would a God who is repeatedly mentioned in the bible as a "god of love" destroy millions, perhaps even billions in some all ending war? After I began pondering this fact, more questions arose. Jesus is the spittin image of God, correct? When mentioned in the Bible, Jesus is the most gentle human being i could ever imagine. He was kind and merciful. Could you picture Jesus killing billions of people just because they did not believe in him? Doesn't sound like an all forgiving God to me.

    It goes back even further than this, however. It is mentioned in the Bible that God helped fight many wars for certain peoples. Seeing to it that several small armies were killed and the like. Why would a loving God do this? moreover,would a God who hates violence and is the definition of love kill hundreds of thousands of people, simply for the fact that they did not worship him in the way he pleased, or did not worship him at all? i'm really not understanding here. To me, this seems more like a short tempered toddler than an all powerful, all loving being.... can somebody please explain this to me?

    One more question. sorry bout the long post. but it's my first. feels good to get this off my shoulders. If i understand correctly, God allow us to have free will WITHOUT intereference. which is why we are here today, overflowing with famine, disease, hunger, and all the rest. Why, then, would God choose to interfere with certain wars, making sure that they were won? wasn't he supposed to not interfere at all? could there be the slightest possibility that it was a simple coincidence that these armies walked into the war saying we have God's blessing, and then got lucky and slaughtered them?

    AAAAhhhhhhh. finally finished. please, if anybody would like to try to clear this up for me, i'd love to hear your responses.

    "No cool quote yet. But I'll think of one soon."

  • Gopher

    Welcome, you with the unusual name. I'm not quite sure, should I call you "dood"?

    Welcome to the discussion board. It has been a great help to so many seeking to keep some sanity while pursuing freedom from the WTS brand of religious confinement.

    You ask some really deep questions. Some who read your note will say there is no God, it doesn't matter. Like you, I have retained belief in God, although altered from what I thought before.

    So going on the argument that God exists and the Bible's descriptions of the events are accurate, why all this death and destruction?

    As far as the "all ending war" mentioned in Revelation, my thought is that Revelation is a very symbolic book. When it mentions "blood up as high as horse's bridles", etc., surely this is symbolism. To be sure, evil must end somehow. I cannot believe, however, that 99.9% of the world's population is evil and must be destroyed. There is, however a small percentage, probably including the world's leaders and their armies. Anyhow, how evil will be dealt with, I won't even guess how that literally will occur, or when. Just best to leave that in God's hands.

    As far as how God fought for the nation of ancient Israel in the past, I think the main point was the protection of the promised "seed", Jesus and his ancestors. The nations would regularly go forth and war against each other (I think this time of year was popular for that), and push and pull to gain territorial advantage. If the nation of Israel was allowed to be wiped out, that would have served Satan's purpose to destroy the possibility of the 'seed' occurring in the nation of Abraham's grandson, that is, Israel.

    As far as innocent lives that were lost in the process, I cannot think of a real good explanation.

    I don't think God intended to NEVER interfere in earth's affairs, just when his purpose was threatened, he had to correct the course of history, so to speak. So that's why certain wicked and hurtful things go on and on without it seeming like God wants to help, when at other times it seems he surprises people and jumps in and raises kings up or puts them down.

    Just a few general thoughts. Welcome to the board, can't wait to hear your story on the "Make New Friends" board.


  • TR

    Hi Dood!

    Welcome to our humble commode.


  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Welcome to the board Dude!!!
    It is really too early in the morning for me to give an answer to your thought provoking questions. But it sounds like you are on the journey many of us here are at different stages in right now!!
    Would love to know a little more about you.

  • Angharad

    Hi Dood

    welcome to the board

  • hippikon

    Hi I just love it when people come out. Makes me warm and tingly inside

    feels good to get this off my shoulders.

    And it just gets better.

    Good points Keep thinking.

  • logical
    the other message board wouldn't let me register because I felt uncomfortable putting what congregation i was with at the time in the appropriate box

    Ditto, why do they need this info? Why cant we just remain anonymous on the other boards? Do they write to the congregations and check up before they approve our accounts?

  • stephenw20

    welcome , your questions are all so wonderful to debate.......

    I'd like to start by asking you to take a rubber ball, hold it in your hand, stand in and empty room, now remove your hand, what happens to the ball?

    does it fall? I cant say yes or no I amnot there. When I do it it falls..........well the earth doesn't what SENSE does that make? none

    Its easy to PICK apart the divine , if we feel ,beleive , think that this ...the thing we see inthe mirro is the end of the line....... if that is allwe can surmise , I agree it seems ridiculous to have gone through the exercise in the first place, which when we read , GOd knows the hearts of men, did he not know Adams outcome......

    in my most humblest opinion its ALL his plan, we may not like it we certainly have trouble understanding it, but they are after all HIS BALLS floating in the air..


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