JW's accussed to be Russian spies

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    I need help. I have been exchanging emails with my brother who is a JW. I tried to convince him to watch the hearings of the Royal Commission, but he sent me a long list of reasons why he didn't trust "la obra teatral" (theater) and therefore he wouldn't watch anything. He went on a rant of persecution stories in Australia and how various governments would try to impede the preaching work. Lots of crazy stuff. The one that called my attention the most is that JW's were accused in America of being Russian spies, and the rest of the world accused them of being American spies.

    Where did that come from? Is that an urban legend made up by a JW or is it from the WT?

  • zeb

    In the age of communication ignorance is a wilful practice.

    I have heard the above inane comments about spies about 30 years ago I guess he is just catching up. Governments in Australia have no interest in impeding anyone religious passions but the Royal Commission has a great deal of interest in examining the policies and practices of institutions on child abuse and how they handle it. The jw have received a panning just lately and their life long bashing of the Catholic church from a plateau of high n mighty has now been proved to be a monstrous hypocrisy.

  • joe134cd
    I have concluded that it won't be until Wt prints on the front cover that there were 1006 abuse cases that went unreported in Australia that the R&F will accept it.
  • fahrvegnugen
    My advice is to stop trying to convince your brother. Until he is open to taking a critical look at JWs any attempt to persuade him will be counterproductive. I used to have very long and animated discussions with my brothers about these same issues, We went around in circles and talk would get heated. I finally just stopped and decided that they had to figure it out for themselves. Eventually they all came around to my point of view on their own.
  • never a jw
    never a jw


    I hate to admit it, but you are right. Nothing against you, I just naively thought that, given the mountains of evidence against the WT regarding many subjects, I would be able to talk him out of his devotion to WT. He and his wife are actually very happy in the Org and I am afraid that they can not conceive life without mother org.

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