"Children cannot be members of WTS "?

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  • MacHislopp

    Hello, everyone,

    How about this kind of actions?

    The Wts had an application - presented on
    the 6.09.1995 - and reg. on the 21.09.95
    with the N° 2862/95 ,
    at the "European Commission of Human
    Rights " in Strasbourg (France), in her case
    against the gov. of Bulgaria. In the second page
    the WTS as the "applicant association" declared:

    "submits that children cannot become members
    of the association but only participate, together
    with their parents, in the religious activities of the

    (see http://www.dhcommhr.coe.fr/eng/28626CP.E.htlm)

    Now , already decades before the WTS was relating
    Stories about young baptized children, as a matter
    of fact, very young children :

    °°°1958 report - Divine Will Internat. Ass. of J.W. , p.72

    "…a volunteer worker at the Divine Will assembly is
    fourteen -year -old Lida Hopmann of Amsterdam ,Holland.
    She was baptized when she was eleven and has vacation-
    Pioneered with her mother each year thereafter."

    °°°Yankee Stadium -Polo Grounds,New York City,
    August 3, 1958 (1958 report page 73):

    "…So far , we have merely glanced at the teen-agers
    within the New World society. But what about the children
    between the ages of six and twelve?
    Susan Brommerich , a nine-year-old publisher from
    Winona, Minnesota, came to the assembly with her grand-
    mother and aunt. …"

    "…Sister Godfry knew the truth in 1909….
    At her side was seven-year-old Cindy, who was looking
    Forward to being baptized at the Divine Will assembly.
    Cindy said :" I like the friends because they're so nice and
    polite. They're not rough the way the other people of the
    world are." She goes by herself from door to door , but is
    always where her mother can observe her."

    And 42 years later… a picture in the w. 15.01.2000 p.7
    showing the baptism of a …very young child.

    So, how can you - define - the statement made by the WTS
    to the Bulgarians officials and to the members and judges
    of the European Commission of Human Rights in Strasbourg?

    Agape, J.C.MacHislopp

  • ozziepost

    G'day Mac,

    I would define the whole submission as a lie.


  • BadAssociate

    mac - more of the same


  • willy_think

    lawyer speak- we are not responsable for the death or injury suffered by the childred of JWs as thay themselves are not members of the WBTA. in matters of transfusions or discipline it is a choice left up to the consciounse of the parents. the WBTA assumes no responablity.
    i don't know but that is what it means to me

  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    thanks for the comments.
    As it is very evident, half-truth,outright lies,
    and a very "legalistic language" , are the tools
    used so often...almost every time by the WTS!

    BTW, willy_think, your post quotes "(childre)...
    as themselves are not memebers of the WTBA..."
    but you know that you'll become a member, at the
    moment ..of your baptism!

    Agape, J.C.MacHislopp

    PS. I'll search for more "evidences" on this topic.

  • willy_think

    sorry for the spelling. i am LD dislexic, sometimes it kicks me off line before i can finish fixing all the spelling so i have to rush through it. but, i think, denyability is very important to the WBTA. after all, it could mean big money in lawsuits. i would not be surprised if you find that the WT puts all responsablity squarely on the shoulders of the parents, in cases were children are hurt by WT poliseys. baptized or not.

  • Latte

    Thanks Mac for your post...I alway's enjoy them!

    Just thought I'd let you know of a news item on teletext today.....could be of interest.

    ****A judge is taking the Church of Scientology, Paris branch, to court for attempted fraud and False advertising****

    Seems that the French government is being a little picky!

    I wounder who they will pick on next????


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