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    Hello everyone,

    In these diffcult times …you should read this:

    Mililani Town is Castle & Cooke Hawaii's master-planned residential development adjacent to the Mililani Technology Park. A thriving community of over 35,000 residents, Mililani is a complete community with a variety of schools, churches, shopping centers, parks, recreation centers and a public library serving the area.
    Mililani's high quality lifestyle is reflected in its 1986 "All-America City Award." No other community in Hawaii has received this prestigious recognition.
    The climate of Central Oahu, like the rest of the island, is mild.
    Average Temperature:
    Summer: 82
    Winter: 75
    Mililani is centrally located and served by the H-2 Freeway. It is less than 20 minutes from Honolulu International Airport and only 25 minutes from Downtown Honolulu.
    The Mililani Town Association operates six recreation centers with a variety of programs and special amenities. A city-owned gymnasium also offers a wide range of opportunities. Youth sports leagues are extensive, well-organized and play a large role in the community.
    Mililani Offers:
    6 Recreation Centers
    5 Swimming Pools
    12 Tennis Courts
    15 Parks
    The Mililani Area is Served by:
    3 Shopping Centers
    3 Supermarkets
    3 Drug Stores
    60 Specialty Stores
    25 Restaurants
    5 Theaters
    11 Financial Institutions
    17 Schools
    The homes in Mililani come in a range of floor plans and price levels. All homeowners belong to the Mililani Town Association, a nonprofit organization charged with maintaining the common areas and enforcing the design standards that help to maintain good property values in the community.

    Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii
    The Mililani Technology Park continues to have increased activity and presence in the community. The State Farm Claims Center had its grand opening on September 4, 1996, which was well attended by State Farm executives and public officials. In addition to the State Farm Claims Center, the State Farm Agency Field Office, a support office for the many sales offices on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island, renovated and moved into 2,000 square feet of brand new office space at the Leilehua Building.
    The Inter-National Research Institute (INRI) renewed its existing lease and headed by Lee Whitt, continues to do well in the government contracting business of command and control systems.
    We welcome BBN Corporation as our newest business at the Leilehua Building. BBN is a publicly traded NYSE firm specializing in Internet services and telecommunications systems and solutions. Last year, BBN had assets of over $249,337,000. BBN's primary business in Hawaii is serving the Department of Defense.
    The Watchtower Educational Center - Pacific, a 53,000-square-foot conference and training center, is slated for completion in March of 1997.
    Many of you may not know that Oceanic Cablevision is launching a new Internet division. They are gearing up for the next generation of modems called cable-modems, which operate at many times the speed of standard telephone modems. Cable-modems are economical to use and Oceanic, with its island-wide network of fiber-optic cable, is well positioned to take advantage of this technology.
    Castle and Cooke remains committed to developing MTP. Unlike most business parks in Hawaii, MTP is fee simple. MTP is unique because of the climate, location and design guidelines. For example, the temperature is 6 to 8 degrees cooler than other downtown Honolulu locations. Employees, especially those who live in the area, can save 2 hours per day commuting to work. This means more time at the office or with family, and less stress.
    - Gregg Matsuura, Project Manager

    · The High Technology Development Corporation and SETS Technology, Inc. were two of three Hawaii companies to receive the Tibbetts Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration's Small Business Innovation and Research Program. The businesses were among 70 companies recognized nationwide for excellence in high technology.
    · Hatim Tybji, VeriFone, Inc.'s chairman and chief executive officer, was the featured speaker at the first seminar of the Hawaii Technology Council in July, 1996.

    State Farm Insurance Companies hosted an open house and blessing of its new Mililani Service Center on September 4. A traditional Hawaiian blessing was conducted by the Reverend William Kaina of Kawaiaha'o Church.
    The Service Center is the first State Farm-owned facility in the state and also its largest, covering 47,000 square feet on 3.5 acres. The Center's 130 employees will handle the majority of the company's auto, fire and workers' compensation claims, using computer technology to estimate and expedite automobile damage claims. The facility has an additional computer room for claims personnel in the event of a major disaster.
    The Agency Field Office, another State Farm facility, held an open house September 20 in the Leilehua Building, Suite 40. The new 2,000-square-foot office houses the agency field personnel that services agents on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. Field office staff work directly with State Farm agents to provide sales, service training and assistance with new State Farm products and services in order to provide the highest quality service to policyholders.
    State Farm has been proudly serving the people of Hawaii since 1960. It is the largest insurer of homes in Hawaii. State Farm has agents' offices throughout the state, agency field executive offices in Mililani and Kapolei, and claim offices in Honolulu and Mililani on Oahu; Wailuku, Maui; Hilo and Kona on the Big Island and Lihue, Kauai.

    Mililani Technology Park is located in Central Oahu, near the master-planned community of Mililani. Served by the H-2 Freeway, the Park is just 15 minutes from Honolulu International Airport, 25 minutes from Downtown Honolulu, 35 minutes from Waikiki hotels and five minutes from the award-winning Mililani housing developments.
    This is the streetscape of the Mililani Technology Park.
    Here is a detailed site map outlining tenant locations and available lots for purchase.

    · American Savings Bank, F.S.B. (Information & Data Processing Centers)
    · BBN Systems and Technologies
    · Crown Pacific Hawaii
    · Department of Education Central Oahu
    · Department of Education Information Technology Center
    · Eastman Kodak Company
    · Hawaii Children's Center
    · High Technology Development Corporation
    · Honolulu Cellular Telephone Company (A Bell South Company)
    · Inter-National Research Institute
    · Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
    · Oceanic Cablevision (A Time Warner Entertainment Company)
    · State Farm Insurance Companies
    · State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
    · VeriFone, Inc.
    · Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York

    American Savings Bank, F.S.B.
    Mililani Service Center
    Mililani Technology Park
    200 Kahelu Avenue
    Mililani, Hawaii 96789
    Phone: (808) 539-7653
    American Savings Bank, an HEI company and federal savings bank, is the fourth largest financial institution in the state of Hawaii, with more than $3.2 billion in assets. The Service Center houses the bank's information services, electronic data processing (EDP), automated teller machine (ATM) services, telephone bill payment and check statement processing departments and certain mail room functions.

    BBN Systems and Technologies
    Mililani Technology Park
    Leilehua Building, Suite 45
    300 Kahelu Avenue
    Mililani, Hawaii 96789
    Phone: (808) 627-7420
    BBN Systems and Technologies is a division of BBN Corporation, a leading provider of Internet and internetworking services. In Hawaii, BBN Systems and Technologies is a leader in the development of advanced command and control systems for the Department of Defense, in the development of sophisticated object-oriented software applications and in the network operating systems support. Mililani Technology Park houses its Information Systems and Technologies group, which designs, develops and markets information systems and technologies, and offers customized solutions to complex problems for government agencies, commercial and nonprofit organizations.

    Crown Pacific Hawaii
    Mililani Technology Park
    600 Kahelu Avenue
    Mililani, Hawaii 96789
    Phone: (808) 625-4520
    Part of a Hong Kong-based multi-national moving and storage company, Crown Pacific Hawaii provides equipment transportation and storage and data and records management services. Crown Pacific occupies a 63,000-square-foot office and warehouse facility at Mililani Technology Park.

    Department of Education
    Central Oahu District Office
    Mililani Technology Park
    Leilehua Building, Suite 50
    300 Kahelu Avenue
    Mililani, Hawaii 96789
    Phone: (808) 623-4423
    The Hawaii State Department of Education consists of seven school districts, of which the Central Oahu District is the largest. The Central Oahu District Office is the administrative headquarters for the district and serves over 36,000 students in 41 schools -- 28 elementary, five intermediate, six high and two community.

    Department of Education
    Information Technology Center
    Mililani Technology Park
    Leilehua Building, Suite 55
    300 Kahelu Avenue
    Mililani, Hawaii 96789
    Phone: (808) 623-4423
    The Information Technology Center (ITC) supports the Department of Education's ongoing training program, which upgrades the knowledge, skills and abilities of the Department's work force in the areas of information processing and communication technologies. The ITC located at the Mililani Technology Park is the largest of 10 ITC's that have been strategically located throughout the state by the DOE.

    Eastman Kodak Company
    Mililani Technology Park
    599 Kahelu Avenue
    Mililani, Hawaii 96789
    Phone: (808) 627-3300
    Eastman Kodak Company employs more than 110,000 people worldwide, including 57,000 in the U.S. With major manufacturing plants in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, England, France, Germany and Australia, it markets a broad range of products in more than 150 countries. Kodak products include: photographic films, papers and chemicals; motion picture films, copier-duplicators; electronic imaging products including scanners, sensors and printers; microfilm; image management systems; diagnostic imaging film and equipment.
    The Kodak facility at Mililani Technology Park is principally a marketing support and distribution center serving the state of Hawaii, with over 1,100 different items inventoried and available for immediate delivery to customers. In addition, product demonstrations are available through its sales organization.

    Hawaii Children's Center
    Mililani Technology Park
    345 Kahelu Avenue
    Mililani, Hawaii 96789
    Phone: (808) 623-1322
    Constructed by Kaiser Permanente, the Children's Center is operated by Hawaii Child Centers, a division of Kama'aina Care, Inc. It is the first child care center in the Mililani area to offer both pre-school and school-aged child care. Services such as holiday care, summer day camps and recreational gymnastics are offered.

    High Technology Development Corporation
    Mililani Technology Park
    Leilehua Building, Suite 35
    300 Kahelu Avenue
    Mililani, Hawaii 96789
    Phone: (808) 625-5293
    High Technology Development Corporation is attached to the state of Hawaii's Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism. The agency provides business development services for high-technology industries and administers programs to attract new high-tech business to Hawaii. It also developed the Manoa Innovation Center.

    Honolulu Cellular Telephone Company
    Mililani Technology Park
    500 Kahelu Avenue
    Mililani, Hawaii 96789
    Phone: (808) 627-8500
    Honolulu Cellular, a subsidiary of Bell South, is a leading provider of cellular communications services in Hawaii. Since its founding in 1985, Honolulu Cellular has invested millions of dollars in building its cellular communication network to bring wireless solutions to businesses and consumers on the island of Oahu. Honolulu Cellular sells and services top of the line products through nine retail showrooms and a large staff of sales consultants.

    Inter-National Research Institute
    Mililani Technology Park
    Leilehua Building, Suite 25
    300 Kahelu Avenue
    Mililani, Hawaii 96789
    Phone: (808) 625-2118

    A Virginia-based company, Inter-National Research Institute (INRI) has provided technical support for the Department of Defense since 1966. INRI is an industry leader in the development and installation of Navy battle management systems, dealing with both the conceptual aspects of warfare and the practical integration and optimization equipment.

    Kaiser Permanente
    Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
    432 Keawe Street
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
    Phone: (808) 597-5297

    Kaiser Permanente's 20-acre Hawaii Region Service Center, may serve as the company's headquarters and will include a data center, information service department, reference laboratory, optical laboratory, administrative offices, warehouse and print shop. Kaiser Permanente has made land available for day care services for employees of companies at the Park.

    Oceanic Cablevision
    Mililani Technology Park
    200 Akamainui Street
    Mililani, Hawaii 96789
    Phone: (808) 625-2100

    Oceanic Cablevision, a Time Warner cable system, is the state's largest cable television company serving nearly a quarter million subscribers on Oahu with cable TV, digital music and Internet services. Oceanic's 4.3-acre site at the Park houses its headquarters, office facilities and warehouse.

    State Farm Insurance Companies
    Mililani Technology Park
    Leilehua Building, Suite 40
    300 Kahelu Avenue
    Mililani, Hawaii 96789
    Phone: (808) 623-0404

    Located adjacent to its new Service Center, the State Farm Insurance Companies' office in the Leilehua Building houses one of the company's agency field office operations. The new office houses one of State Farm's agency field office operations, servicing agents on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. The office works as a team with State Farm agents to provide quality service to policyholders, as well as assisting agents with the introduction of new State Farm products and services.

    State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
    Mililani Technology Park
    400 Kahelu Avenue
    Mililani, Hawaii 96789
    Phone: (808) 627-4500

    State Farm, the largest domestic non-military user of computers, recently moved into its new auto and homeowners operations service center. The facility includes a drive-in estimating garage to assess auto damage using CD Rom to immediately access various networks and scan for estimated costs of parts, labor and time. It also allows its regional offices to communicate electronically with its local claims offices for quick claim assessments.

    VeriFone, Inc.
    Mililani Technology Park
    100 Kahelu Avenue
    Mililani, Hawaii 96789
    Phone: (808) 623-2911

    Founded in Hawaii, VeriFone, Inc. is the world's largest developer and manufacturer of credit card transaction terminals and secure payment solutions. VeriFone specializes in the automation and delivery of secure payment and payment-related transactions to a wide range of markets. The company has more than 30 facilities worldwide including its custom designed headquarters at the MTP for R&D. VeriFone is a publicly-traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

    Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York, Inc.
    2055 Kamehameha IV Road
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
    Phone: (808) 842-1100

    A multi-national, nonprofit Bible educational group, the Watchtower will use its new 53,000-square-foot building at MTP for its Watchtower Educational Center - Pacific. The educational center will be comprised of four conference rooms and one auditorium equipped with multimedia audio/visual equipment with multi-language capabilities to accommodate conferences, seminars and training classes.

    Here below the links:



    for detailed maps:

    a newspaper article….***great***

    Remember: “…looking after the widows, the orphans..” and
    “…the poors will always be with you..”

    Agape J.C.MacHislopp

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    again I asked this a week ago?

  • LDH

    Well, I'm glad to see all the money I donated being invested wisely!

    Since Jesus counseled that we would always have the poor with us, I think it's GREAT that the WBTS does nothing to help them and instead continues to increase their holdings!

    Wonderful news!

    Thanks, MacHislopp!

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    So, is it just an assembly hall?

  • Farkel

    : So, is it just an assembly hall?

    Assembly Hall = Profit Center

    Profit Center = Any activity conducted by the WTS (see also "Assembly Hall")

    Kingdom Hall (see Profit Center)

    Patterson Resort Complex = "Bringing Glory to Jehovah Through Wise Use of Profit Centers"

    You get the picture. :)


  • stephenw20

    its not an assemble hall

    its the (now get this name)
    Watchtower Educational Center - Pacific

    A multi-national, nonprofit Bible educational group, the Watchtower will use its new 53,000-square-foot building at MTP for its Watchtower Educational Center - Pacific. The educational center will be comprised of four conference rooms and one auditorium equipped with multimedia audio/visual equipment with multi-language capabilities to accommodate conferences, seminars and training classes......

    Maybe its just me...but would it not be MORE ECONOMICAL to have an EDUCATIONAL center where its CHEAPER to fly, and where its able to be DRIVEN TO?


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