Missing a friend....

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  • Deacon

    Anyone know what happened to Frenchie?

  • mommy

    I miss Frenchy too. I hope if he is reading this he realizes how much he is missed. I so enjoyed reading his posts. His stories...I got lost in front of the screen, and transformed right into them.
    Frenchy if you are out there.....Drop us a note and let us know you are ok

  • Simon

    Yes... haven't heard form Amicus either for a while and several others. It's a bit too easy to miss people with all the new ones joining.

  • Prisca

    Us guys must be telepathic!! I was only thinking about Frenchy last night too. I miss him.

    I know for a fact that Amicus has been very busy work-wise and has not had the time to be on-line much. In addition, he was turned away by the out-right hostility that was here a few weeks ago, so had little inclination to come here. But he will be back, he says.

  • Simon

    Give him our regards prisca. It can be a little off putting when things are a bit off.

    BTW: I hope no one thinks they're not allowed to leave... we don't shun, honest... we're just concerned. I've no doubt that we will just be a way-station for some on their journey.

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    I miss Frenchy too. I loved his thought provoking posts and his lovely writings.
    Been missing Amicus as well.
    So to all our lost friends out there. We will welcome you with open arms whenever you have the time to pop back in for a little chat!

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