Make the Truth your own!

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    This kingdom song was posted by a member at my site with no additional comment or question. It sure made me think though!

    Most of us here have left the organisation but that doesn't mean we are all the same. Some have no belief in God anymore, many are still searching. Personally I feel I've got closer to God in the last two years than in the previous two decades.

    The mere fact that we are all so tolerant (usually) of each others differences is evidence to me of the increase in maturity that leaving an oppresive society can bring about.

    Here's the song.


    Make the Truth Your Own

    (2 Corinthians 4:2)

    The way of the truth is the best way of living.

    No better way can there be found.

    Christ Jesus has taught us the value of giving,

    That happiness spreads all around.

    Make the truth your own.

    May your faith to all be shown.

    By the way you do conduct yourself,

    You make known that the truth is your own.

    By putting God first and him actively praising,

    The world and its friendship you’ll lose.

    To those without faith, it is truly amazing

    That God’s righteous way you did choose.

    Make the truth your own.

    Shun the world; leave it alone.

    As to God Jehovah you draw near,

    You make known that the truth is your own.

    The Devil will ever resort to deception,

    But him you can firmly oppose.

    The large shield of faith will provide sure protection,

    And with it you’ll ward off his blows.

    Make the truth your own.

    Satan’s wiles are not unknown.

    Putting on the armor God supplies,

    You make known that the truth is your own.

    The flesh is so weak, and the heart too is desp’rate.

    With this sinful state you contend.

    But please be assured that you can overcome it,

    For God is your Helper and Friend.

    Make the truth your own.

    To bad ways do not be prone.

    If your body members you control,

    You make known that the truth is your own.


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