Could this news cause a new revolt of members taking the lead like that which happened after the 1975 fiasco?

by opusdei1972 10 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • bradford

    I wasn't around for post 75 and haven't read much other than Franz's books, which doesn't get into the years after they pushed him out and the prediction was off..but all I know is that I have talked to elders and COs from that time period and they just know that there was apostasy at Bethel. They also believe that Witnesses had wrong expectations and the GB never said anything was going to happen in that year.

    Today, there is so much info on the internet there is a way higher chance of people having this twinge of doubt and crossing that line to read what they aren't supposed to.

    In '75 you had to be connected to someone to know the truth.

    On the other hand, the cult leaders are on full tilt to remind and guilt members to not listen or read the Satanic propaganda about the organization. It's there word against Satan's world's word...who knows what will happen. Let's just be glad we aren't any part of it!

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