Royal law of love or Mosaic law?

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  • Maxee

    As Jehovahs Witnesses we see blood as a sacred symbol of life.?[Leviticus 7:26 27][Acts 15:28-29]
    The majority of friends who have refused blood have done so sometimes in ignorance of what was allowable and why or purely on the trusted word of the faithful and discreet slave. Most of us Should blood as symbol of life take precendence of life itself?
    Lets look at Exodus 12:5-30 here it tells us of the passover where God strikes every firstborn in Egypt. Blood over the doors of Jews enabled their firstborn to survive. Here this blood symbolised life.
    The importance of blood as a symbol over that of life can be looked at

    like a man who puts all importance on his wedding ring (symbolic of his wedded state) than on his marriage and even his wife, so if he were faced with either the sacrafice of his wife or the sacrifice of his ring he would choose the sacrafice of his wife.

    We are no longer under the Mosaic law according to Jesus.
    . Who do the Faithful and discreet slave choose to listen to ? Is it Jesus or the Mosaic laws set by Jehovah.
    If life was at stake on the Sabbath for eg the Isrealites were not obliged to hold to that law even if it were a bull or ox. Luke 14:4

    Don't you think it would seem logical to conclude that the same would apply to Mosaic laws on blood?In Mark 2:27 Jesus makes it clear that the mosiac law was made for man not man for law . If it meant sustaining life especially.
    Since we are under.... law of love and law of faith... don't you think these points should merit serious thought and meditation?

    Any thoughts

  • Frenchy

    Well, Maxee I follow your reasoning on the Mosaic Law. But do you understand that the Society's reasoning on this is that the mandate was given to Noah (prior to Mosaic Law) and then there is the troublesome little scripture in Acts.
    Perhaps you have considered these things as well but just did not include them in your post. I just wanted to point out that the Society's stand on blood transfusions is not based solely on the Mosaic Law.
    There was a thread earlier on this blood thing but I wouldn't mind seeing all the new posters' views on it (and the old ones too!).

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