I think I am gonna be sick

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  • NikL

    My good lil JW wife received the following heartwarming e mail. GAG!...

    Experience: Told by instructor in recent MTS class graduation
    (Angola Construction)

    One day during a class (in Portugal) a pigeon flew ino the classroom. It was
    injured. The students decided to help it back to health. It was a messanger
    pigeon. Anyway eventually it was ready to be released and so they let it go
    and it flew away. In another part of the country, a congregation was looking
    for a venue to hold the Memorial. Eventually they managed to
    find a restaurant that they could book. Afterward when the brothers went to
    pay for the use of the place, the owner wouldn't accept the money. When they
    asked why he explained that he has messanger pigeons. One of them went
    missing for a few weeks, but then it came back. Inside the message holder
    was a message that read: Jehovah be with you. It was the same pigeon that
    the MTS students had cared for and released. Even the pigeons are helping to
    witness to Jehovah.

  • Scorpion

    What Pigeon droppings!

  • jelly


    I hate to admit it but at one time I would have actually bought this load. I see things like this now and wonder what was wrong with me at that time, chemical imbalance maybe.


  • BadAssociate

    nik - the version of this story i heard was at a DC - experiences section

    in this version - rather than nurse a pigeon back to health they nursed back to health a pig who could fly backwards.

    who then flew to the other part of the country etc.

    after the bro had finished relating the experience at the dc the audience all stood and applauded


    ps did u check gppays the other day?


  • hippikon

    Wow what a story Isn't that great. What a mirricle.

    Pity about all thouse starving africans and all those wars and stuff. And molested kids and horible car and train smashes and all. But isnt it great these people are getting the good news. That must realy be evidence of Gods blessing. I think I will personaly thank him when I get to heaven.

  • BadAssociate
  • LDH

    Scorpion you are too dang funny!

    Well if the pigeons get disgruntled with Crooklyn, only the rocks are left boys and girls!

  • Moxy

    do u dismiss the story out of hand? assume it to be a myth thats been passed around? assume that other religions all have similar 'experiences' that simply result by virtue of size of organization times coincidence?

    im actually curious. weve all heard tons of these stories. some we know, _are_ mythical. but ive always wondered. so heres a good case-in-point. do u think this actually happened and if so what do u think of it?


  • joelbear

    All religions have similar myths. Just watch 10 minutes of any church show or TBN on television and you will hear how god has shown his favor it each and every one of them. And just look at how much god loves Microsoft, surely the lord has blessed them and look at the success of pornography on the internet, truly Jehovah has added to their increase.

    I am no longer shocked at the gullibility of man.



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