Plymouth NC 1970's

by DebraDoll 3 Replies latest jw experiences

  • DebraDoll

    Anyone EX's out there??

  • Bob_NC

    Hi Debra,

    I am very familiar with the Plymouth area. If you went to the Kingdom Hall anywhere near there in the 70's then we should know each other. I'd like to find out.


  • DebraDoll

    Sure did Bob! Here I am at 16 with Dwight Williams, a lifelong friend back then, at a Raleigh assembly! If you knew my Aunt Linda who mysteriously died less than one year after her little 6 year old son Stevie was killed after hanging himself on a swing set, then you knew me! Her special pioneer/elder husband molested countless little girls, myself included as I spoke out about last year at the Silent Lamb's March in Brooklyn NY, and he had hundreds of affairs. He was continuously disfellowshipped and reinstated and now claims to be of the "annointed remnant" in GA where he resides with his young wife whom he married very shortly after Linda's death. They fled to GA from TN after an annonymous letter to the TN congregation identified him as a known pedophile. I seriously believe the letter came from someone I grew up with on Staten Island NY. He is the most sick and vile person I have ever known and am compiling info still now 30 yrs later to prove he had a hand in my precious Aunt Linda's death. Would you believe she was immediately cremated and he spent her life insurance policy on a new car, golf clubs and photography equipment!?

  • JT

    i was from the rocky mount , scotland neck area of NC we used to go to williamston for the circuit and we used to go to raliegh as well

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