Article: Reveal News Organization: JWs Cover-Up of Child Sex Abuse and Oust a Victim

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  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2
    This is just the most heartbreaking one of these i have ever heard of.
  • violias
    these small town elders get away with some amazing sh*te. I totally believe her.
  • Dumplin

    flipper - elders who wink their eyes at their own wrongdoing

    well put.... you mean like pharisees and hypocrites, right?

    Seems strange to me how self-righteous people can go to such extremes like not believing their own daughters in their time of need, but then turn right around and attack them for the slightest remark made in jest. JWs whole thinkiing process is a paradox.

    JC said it best: "It is in vain that they keep worshipping me" and "they strain out the gnat then gulp the camel right on down". yep, JWs are truly an aberration of the human race.

  • steve2

    Thanks Barbara for sharing this well-researched, in-depth article.

    As I read it, I was staggered over and over by the decades-long debacle in a little congregation in small town America.

    I ask, Where in this tortured, sad story is there evidence of "the truth"? Certainly - and most conspicuously - NOT in the local kingdom hall, led by males who, to a last one, are completely out of their depth, led by an organization that prioritizes reputation over child-protection.

    Make no mistake: This is the sick fruitage of an organization that, although asserting it alone has "the truth" and adheres to Christian morality, is as every bit under the spell of human rule as the churches and institutions it routinely condemns as under Satan's influence. Hypocrites!

    And that the disfellowshipped woman's own JW parents now shun their own daughter and freely rub shoulders with her abuser shows the twisted, loveless, sick morality that thrives within the white-washed walls of Jehovah's "loving" organization.

  • the comet
  • stuckinamovement

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