Angels Are God's Holy Spirits

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  • Bruce144


    There are many debates about the Trinity and Jesus being Michael the archangel and not much about the holy spirit. The Watchtower has tried so hard to not personalize the holy spirit in fear of the Trinity being accepted, they accept only the active force of God as being the holy spirit. When in reality it is not hard to see that all the angels are God's holy spirits. Whether one two or a million the angels are all God's holy spirits. All being personal in their own right of being spiritual sons of God.

    At Acts 8: 26-29, an angel told Philip about what he should do, and then the Spirit went on to tell him to join the eunuch in the chariot. There isn't any indication that the Spirit and the angel changed places in directing Philip what to do. An angel is shown to be the Spirit.

    At Acts 10: 3-7, an angel appears before Cornelius and tells him to send men to get Peter and then the angel departs. Peter then had the dream about the animals, verse 19 shows that the Spirit told Peter to go with the men. Verse 20 shows that the Spirit himself had sent the men. Here again the angel did not change places with the angel. Both spirit and angel are the same spiritual person.

    When a large dispute over Paul arose among the Sadducees and Pharisees at Acts 23: 8, angels nor spirits were not acknowledged by the Sadducees. In verse 9, the scribes said, suppose a spirit or an angel has spoken to him?

    The distinction between the angels and the holy spirit are one in the same. At Job 38: 7, It shows that all the sons of God shouted for joy. It has been stated that the angels are not sons of God, but just servants. All the angels are the spiritual sons of God, but only Jesus holds the distinction of being both the fleshly Son of God and Michael his spiritual Son.

    The holy spirit is described as being he in different places. Verse 26 of john 14 says,
    He will teach you all things and bring to you remembrance all that I said to you.
    Verse 21 says, He who has My commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me. No more does the he describing the holy spirit mean one individual, then the he describing the ones keeping Jesus' commandments. There are millions of holy spirits or angels doing the will of Jehovah. Just as there are millions of us trying to learn the will and truth of his words. To sin against the holy spirit is to sin against God by making them one and the same.

    Agape, Bruce Bainbridge

  • willy_think

    hi bruce,
    i like the post but, it seens to me, that you may be assigning the title of holy sprit, to all references to a sprit. i now of no bilical references that would imply that there is more then one "holy speit". if you can think of any i would like to read them

  • willy_think

    sorry, i meant to give you my thoughts on your last paragraph too.
    i think, given my concept of an allpowerful god who permeates all of creation but is not bound by it, that it is one and the same "holy spirit"

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