DR Phil tomorrow!..Children and how we treat them.

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  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Will have more on how we treat our children..Wednesday!


  • Shakita

    You know, I loved Dr. Phil when he first was on the Oprah show.

    But, after he was there for awhile, he got kind of cocky! I really don't think it is necessary on nationwide(worldwide?)TV, to insult people and make them cry to get a satisfactory result. He seems to bent on getting good ratings instead of treating people with the dignity they deserve. I really don't know why some of those people agree to be on the show with him! Don't they know they will be verbally abused in front of the entire audience and the public watching? Tough Love, I guess. It just seems to me that you would have to be nuts to be on his show if you know that he was going to aim his tirade at you!


  • ashitaka

    Dr. Phil is a pompos-ass and deserves to get a good paddle-whoopin'.

    He's just an asshole with an attitude, giving people homespun therapy because it's fashionable right now. He's a hack.


  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I think he acts that way because he gets tired of stupid people!.They know what they're doing wrong..they just need someone to shove it down their throat!

    I haven't seen many of his shows but the few I have seen ...he hits the nail on the head for most of those people!...

    And I don't think anyone that says hitting a child is abuse... deserves an Ass Whooping!..JMO...Even if he is a "Pompous Ass...If you have a brain..use it! Don't hit like some caveman that hasn't evolved yet!...

    He is doing some good or he wouldn't be so popular!....

    Just a matter of personal taste I guess..


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