The "Stigmata"

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  • kes152

    For those of you who are interested in the Movie "Stigmata," May you ALL have peace!

    In addition to that, I was moved by the spirit of my Lord to respond to the "passage" that was quoted throughout the movie. Namely:

    "The kingdom of the God is inside you, and all about (around) you. Not in houses (buildings) made of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and you will find me. Lift a piece of stone and I am there."

    This saying "the kingdom of God is inside you" does NOT mean that the kingdom is in one's heart, one's feeling. It means exactly what it said. The kingdom of God is INSIDE you.

    The kingdom of God is 'spirit,' not of this world. Do you know what is inside you? Another witness says, "the spirit in the bones" (Ecc. 11:5)

    The kingdom of God is indeed INSIDE you, all of you. For you ALL have spirit inside your bones. And it is there, that the kingdom is 'inside' you. In your bones. In the flesh, it is inside you, but if you enter the spirit realm, you are inside IT. And indeed, it is all around you, everywhere. Since it is everywhere, you don't need to go to a "building to worship god. For by faith, you can 'enter the Kingdom' and worship there. How do you get in?

    Well there is only one Way in. "I am the way, and the truth, and the life." By entering INSIDE him, you can go INSIDE the Kingdom. He brings you in, and he brings you out. For he is the Door. And anyone who wishes entry must go in, by going inside Him.

    May you all have peace

  • stephenw20

    Thank you for the wish.... may you also find peace in your daily journey.
    Regarding the stigmatta(wounds of christ), a catholic monk Padre Pio, received the stigmatta at age 22 I beleive, the odd thingabotu these wounds are that you never need a blood transfusion(isn't that ironic)blood usually is fouls in odor but this smells like roses for those who have had these wounds.

    He is significant because he never left the monestary , yes was seen on the battle fields in ww2 tending to the needs of soldiers. Infact as the story goes (and is suppose to be on record at the defense department) his village was due to be bombed , in WW2 and the towns peole came to him and said ust do something........ the germans ahd pulled back and they were not going to invade, but the US air bombers we already enroute with bombs aboard. The report goes on to say all the US planes saw a monk inthe sky with Stigmatta hands telling them to go home....... they dropped the bombs on empty fields instead.

    It is said he became more spirit than flesh and was heard doing demons nightly .
    On last antecdote. I saw on the travel channel a month or so ago a program about him. One event was a catholic lady from PA who had a daughter who was dying form a rare brain tumor. She prayed to him and got a letter saying to come to Itlay to see him personally, but that she had to come with in two weeks.This was in 1968 and at that time it was quite the undertaking to get from PA to italy..especailly with a sick child. He saw the child. She was healed. The next day he died.

    Ah yes faith and spirit.....


    Buth she wnet

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