Potential for new meeting?

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  • Finkelstein

    Its a possibility, the latest thing for Kingdom Halls to have a large screen up on the stage, where the monthly broadcast could be viewed.

    The GB would go for it because they would see themselves as TV celebrities.

    Power and ego go hand in hand.


    Potential, yes...but not likely, IMO. I think a meeting will be "adjusted" to make further use of the 144,000 Club broadcast. Why?

    1) Cults always circle the wagons as "persecution" increases.

    2) They didn't scam money for the DELL projectors for nuthin'.

    I can see them adding more broadcasts to existing meetings because as the Internet continues to expose them, they absolutely must control the information flow. How can they do that? Dell projector shows.


  • truthseeker100

    Its a possibility, the latest thing for Kingdom Halls to have a large screen up on the stage, where the monthly broadcast could be viewed.

    Not that something like that would bring to mind images of George Orwell's 1984. Would it Finkel ? LOL.

  • DesirousOfChange

    MORPHEUS: what they could and will, I predict, is use the video crap for the sunday meeting.

    Yep, I'm surprised that hasn't happened already.

    The fact that all the best & brightest have DAd, faded, resigned, brings us to the fact that the Sunday Public Talks are sh!t. Most of the serving Elders couldn't pass Public Speaking 101.

    But an advantage of this happening is that (IMO) every time some of those GB members appear on stage or in a video, the R&F has opportunity to see just how crazy and unsophisticated they are now. In the past, GB members like: Franz, Schroeter, Jaracz, Henschel seemed educated, fluent, and were speakers that could capture attention. Now, Lett is a caricature. Tony#3 has made himself a laughing stock. Herd must be getting senile. (Maybe not, he's been making stupid statements for 20 years). GB 2.0 just is lacking from what the older folks have seen in the past and they don't measure up in talent or ability to what is expected today.



  • Vidiot

    campaign of hate - "I'm going to make the prediction the GB will schedule a new meeting once a month, starting in Jan 2016, for watching the JW broadcasting program."

    There are some indications they might even be skipping that step in their transition to an "e-religion":


  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    There is a new meeting: Every first Saturday afternoon in my Spanish cong they meet to watch the JW broadcast.

    Now, there is a meeting I will never attend!



    Why in THE HELL would anyone watch the "Dell Inc. presents, The 144,000 Club!" at the KH?? You can stay home and be mesmerized with Roku!


  • Vidiot

    @ DataDog...

    Like I said, both the leadership and the rank-and-file may be realizing that, and just skipping the Kingdom Hall "middleman" (which fits with the WTS's overall corporate strategy).

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    I don't believe they will have a new meeting. What is more likely to happen is that once a month, the normal public talk at the kingdom hall will be replaced by a video presentation from JW broadcasting. Or maybe it could be the service meeting that gets replaced once a month.
  • pepperheart
    if they could do it so that they dont have to publish as many inhouse magazines ie watchtower and awake for the publishers then that appeal to the GB

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