Does D to D work reduce converts?

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  • RunningMan

    I have a theory that I would like to bounce off some of you.

    JW's are undoubtedly the most aggressive recruiting organization
    in the world. They spend over 1 Billion hours per year going door
    to door.

    However, other religions that do not go door to door are actually
    more successful in gaining recruits. For example, the Seventh
    Day Adventists, whose doctrines are every bit as goofy as JW's,
    and who started around the same time, number around 11 million.
    Scientologists, who started only 40 years ago, number around
    8 million.

    The door to door work is obviously no more effective than other,
    more conventional media. Besides, most JW converts these days
    come from inside the organization. I would say that 80-90% of
    baptisms originate with reproduction, not with return visits.

    Here's my theory: The prospect of forced door to door recruiting
    actually scares away more potential converts than it gains.

    What do you think?

  • battman

    I think that is very true. Besides it is not even scriptual!!


  • stephenw20

    well if there was no door to door

    there would be fewer magazines

    its about cash!

    not success

  • joelbear

    Stephen is correct. The Door to Door work is based on a business model.

    However, if you count all members of the witnesses, you will get a much larger number than 6 million.



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