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  • JT

    could someone give me an update on dead or alive


    Governing Body

    Date of birth

    John Barr (b. 1913)
    Carey Barber (b. 1905)
    Milton Henschel (b. 1920)
    Samuel Herd (b. 1935)
    Theodore Jaracz (b. 1925)
    Karl Klein (b. 1905)
    Steve Lett (b. 1949)
    Gerrit Losch (b. 1941)
    Guy Pierce (b. 1934)
    Albert Schroeder (b. 1911)
    David Splane (b. 1944)
    Lyman Swingle (b. 1910)
    Daniel Sydlik (b. 1919)

    Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (Incorporated 1884)

    President Don A. Adams
    Vice Presidents Robert W. Wallen, William F. Malenfant
    Secretary/Treasurer Richard E. Abrahamson
    Directors Danny L. Bland, Philip D. Wilcox, John N. Wischuk

    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. (Incorporated 1909)

    President Max H. Larson
    Vice Presidents George M. Couch, Lonnie R. Schilling
    Secretary/Treasurer Gerald F. Simonis
    Directors Gerald D. Grizzle, David G. Sinclair, Robert M. Pevy

    Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses (Incorporated 2000)

    President William L. Van De Wall
    Vice Presidents Charles I. Woody, Leon Weaver, Jr.
    Secretary/Treasurer William H. Nonkes
    Directors Harold K. Jackson, Merton V. Campbell, Stanley F. Weigel

    Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses (Incorporated 2000)

    President Patrick J. LaFranca
    Vice Presidents Peter D. Molchan, Ralph E. Walls
    Secretary/Treasurer Joseph D. Mercante
    Directors Marvin G. Smalley, Kenneth J. Pulcifer, Eugene D. Rosam, Jr.

    Kingdom Support Services, Inc. (Incorporated 2000)

    President Harold L. Corkern
    Vice Presidents Alan D. Janzen, Robert L. Butler
    Secretary/Treasurer Alexander W. Reinmueller
    Directors James F. Mantz, Jr., Thomas Kalimeris, Alan G. Browning

    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New Jersey, Inc. (Incorporated 1955)

    President Charles V. Molohan
    Vice Presidents James L. Bauer, J. Richard Brown
    Secretary/Treasurer Alan K. Flowers
    Directors Allen E. Shuster, David L. Walker, Vernon C. Wisegarver

    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Florida, Inc. (Incorporated 1986)

    President Leonard R. Pearson
    Vice Presidents Alejandro G. Rodriguez, Maurice C. Turcot
    Secretary/Treasurer Mark L. Questell
    Directors Jim Moody, Sr., Anselm J. Packnett, Donald R. Krebs

    Valley Farms Corporation (Incorporated 1987)

    President Charles J. Rice
    Vice Presidents Kent E. Fischer, Robert L. Rains
    Secretary/Treasurer Albert L. Harrell
    Directors John R. Strandberg, Samuel D. Buck, Louis A. Travis

  • Jigrigger

    Say what, JT??

    David Splane?????? Are you serious???

    I knew him. I would've been about 9 or ten...this young "pioneer" comes to our town, this would have been around 1965. At the time we were living in Kapuskasing, Ont. (draw a line straight north of Toronto about 550 miles - yes, that's WAY UP in the bush). Never thought anyone from that obscure of a place would end up on the GB...


  • Farkel


    Not sure what you want here, but I'll do my best:

    John Barr (b. 1913) - braindead
    Carey Barber (b. 1905) - braindead
    Milton Henschel (b. 1920) - totally braindead: Alzheimer's poster child for 2002
    Samuel Herd (b. 1935) - "token" braindead black guy
    Theodore Jaracz (b. 1925) - major world-class asshole
    Karl Klein (b. 1905) - born braindead
    Steve Lett (b. 1949) - newbie braindead
    Gerrit Losch (b. 1941) - another newbie braindead
    Guy Pierce (b. 1934) - low profile GB member (that means he's hiding something)
    Albert Schroeder (b. 1911) - asshole who had Ray Franz DF'd before they could figure out how to do it.
    David Splane (b. 1944) - toady
    Lyman Swingle (b. 1910) - invented the ink that was used in the mags for decades. A personal friend of mine and family. Dead. I knew his dad.
    Daniel Sydlik (b. 1919) - Jaracz's worst enemy. but every bit as dangerous nonetheless. Viper vs. Viper.

    Sorry, JT. Couldn't help but toss in my own observations here.


  • Osarsif

    Klein died 2001-01-03. Swingle died 2001-03-14.

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