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  • TR

    ....the king and his kingdom. I am, of course talking about Simon and his website! Joelbear had a great idea on the "memorial" thread, so I borrowed it for this one.

    Simon, can you have bumper stickers, or those static window stickers made up advertising this website? You could sell them on your website. I, in fact, would like to place an order.


    Watcha think?


  • stephenw20

    yes this ounds wonderful ,

    I ll take 100 and give them to my neighbors,

    the peel off kind would be better, so they can be moved from vehicle to vehicle and in your windows at home when your not moving!

  • riz


    rotflmao!! i'm in.


  • joelbear

    Glad the idea is catching on. Along with it would come the responsibility of making sure this site offers good factual information and a caring spirit for those who are negatively affected by the Watchtower.



  • Simon

    he he - we could get little stickers that could be stuck on memorial glasses or noticeboards...

    How about we combine this with a competion to create a better logo for the site? I was thinking of a 'Castle Tower' (he said avoiding trademark infringement) lying on it's side (get it?).

    I think Joelbear is right though - we need to be here, ready to help people that are affected.

  • waiting

    Interesting idea.

    However, if we attack jw's for coming here allowing our anger at the WTBTS to be directed at them for not accepting our views - what will we accomplish?

    Sure, we're nice enough with jw's who come politely, calmly, rationally, not argumentative, willing to accept our fine counsel almost immediately - but we'll straighten them out, sometimes with open hostility, if they don't accept our teachings. No room for dissent.

    Why advertise if we only want those who have already left? What about those in - or just starting to be curious? Do we damn them or allow them some freedom of mental movement? Of course most jw's are going to defend what they know - that's all they know. We accuse them of black/white thinking. Are we demanding they turn their black thinking into our white thinking?

    Most of us were the same way. If I had come here and someone cussed me out for my views, intentionally trying to make me feel stupid - I think I would have left accepting that the WTBTS was right - apostates are evil and rude.

    Randy Watters was so gentle with me when I called him for information - good salesman. I was thrown offguard - I was expecting what some jw's are receiving around here - perceived typical apostate behaviour.


  • larc


    I think you are right. Sometimes it is hard to bite your tongue when a JW comes in here with a high minded attitude. They do hit our hot buttons. However, I think your reminder to all of us is a good one.

    Upon reflection (which is a hard thing for a man to do), I also think we sometimes go to far in attacking the organization. I think rational, factual information speaks for itself. Inflammatory attacks, I think, diminishes the effectivenss of what we are saying. I know when I was a JW, that if someone raged at me at the door, their message was lost on me.

    One thing we did learn at the Kingdom Hall was something about the art of persuasion. I think we should apply those same techniques here.

  • waiting

    hey larc,

    Thank you. I was just coming back to erase my message and leave the famous "." Just don't want to be hassled.

    Remember when you came to this forum? Even though we can't have that same exact feeling because of our size and diversity - we can still strive to be receptive and open minded, particularily to those we wish to help - ourselves and others who are/have been jw's.

    Thank you again. I like chatting with zazu, btw. Neat woman you got there!


  • mommy

    I am guilty I have heard some comments, and have gone off my rocker. I guess maybe I forget that I too sounded like that. I think what angered me is that they didn't see what is actually happening. But alot of active people don't "see" until they are ready too, or it is forced upon them. I think the person who really touched my heart was Jst2laws. I realized when I was in and had so many doubts, I had no one I could talk to about them. I thought myself crazy because I would look around and see all the zombies nodding their head in unison. Sadly, I see now that this is not their fault.
    I can why some have anger at active Jw's but maybe it is just frustration in diguse. I remember the love I found at this forum when I first joined. The worst thing that was said to me was to turn my caps off I was so scared to even use a capital letter after that. heehee
    I have really grown attached to the people I have met here, and think of all of you often. Even the newbies are growing on me Now if I can only keep everyones name straight.

  • VeniceIT

    Hey TR,

    Great idea how about wearing these T-shirts!

    The 'ask me why', and the 'Armegeddon' ones are my favs.


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