The Report - BBC Radio 4 about Jehovah's Witnesses and Child Sexual Abuse can now be heard

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  • cofty
    Excellent balanced reporting.
  • Ruby456
    thanks nic - I missed it yesterday evening
  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    "Perhaps this will inspire Britain to take the first step towards examining the 'charity' status of the WTBTS!"

    This is already under way with the Charity Commission. WTBTS has recently lost a tribunal case and has been ordered to hand over documents.

  • 1Averagejoe

    Thank you all, thank you nicolaou for that download link. It worked. Very nicely done report. It would have been a plus to get in that report jwtv's comment that we should not listen to such reports as they are appostate, but it seems the BBC report was compiled before that.

    All in all this report will go along way. I beleive its not the first of such report from BBC or others. Anyone has links from any of such I can download?

  • AudeSapere

    This was a great report. I was able to listen to the first link direct from BBC that Barbara posted.

    This report can easily be shared with JWs. Especially the BBC link.

    There are a few people I want to send this to.


  • Ruby456
    23...mins in to the recordng now and i have a lump in my throat - such honesty from victims and families re how they feel about JWs - they are good people who have had to live through an appallingly horrible experience
  • Ruby456

    excellent report - 'the public now have another reason not to open their doors'. trolley witnessing everyone - but wait - send one or two to do the trolley witnessing and please tell the rest to stay at home and link in

  • EdenOne

    Very interesting, very accurate, very balanced. Quality work by the BBC, as is their usual hallmark. Certainly this will raise public awareness in the UK and will be a reference for future legal cases and give courage to other victims to come up and speak.

    If I have one very slight criticism to make is that it should have been made more obvious the connection between the Elders' course of action and the legalistic directions coming from the Governing Body - the Elders 'spiritual career' and 'status quo' are dependant upon towing the corporate line thick and thin, and they regard the words of the GB as authoritative as the Bible itself, if not more. Aside this, it's a great piece of journalism.

    Damning information to the WTS from credible sources - not lone wolf loonie-like types with a payback mission on the web - is the key to raise public awareness to this problem.

    btw Mephis, thank you for your link. It worked for me.


  • punkofnice
    whathappened7 hours agoVery well done! How are JWs supposed to go door to door in the UK now?
    Haha.....the ones I see just sit lugubriously near apathy trollies.

    I bet this went unnoticed by the main populace who prefer to watch mind numbing reality shows. As for the JWs, if it isn't on JW TV then it is fiction. they were probably all at the meeting for another zombiefication session anyway.

    I look forward to hearing this little beauty.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    In general, Witnesses will avoid programs like this as if it's Satan himself!

    Why? Because ex-J.W.'s are featured in it, therefore they must be apostates. Not to mention other people saying things which "conflict" with the Org's teachings.

    Even if none of the above were involved, the Org would not participate in such a program, they would only supply a prepared, written response. They cannot encourage J.W.'s to watch/listen to media reports which cast the Org in a bad light.

    Sadly, these media reports will be ignored by the vast majority of J.W.'s, and any who do listen, wouldn't feel safe discussing it with others.

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