Russels view of disfellowshiping

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  • Nowhere

    "Since the Autumn of 1878, there has been a very clearly marked difference of opinion on the subjects of Atonement, Resurrection and Restitution. While we have not felt disposed to disfellowship anyone on account of a difference of opinion on these things, or for any other opinion as long as we are satisfied of the christian integrity of brethren, there has been difference enough to prevent the same hearty co-operation as formerly, especially as there has been manifested a disposition to urge these disputed points as test questions. Paul and Barnabas separated in their work for a reason not half so important, but Christ was not divided, and we do not read of either one calling each other hard names or disfellowshipping each other as Christians."

  • Earnest

    Please would you provide a reference, nowhere.

  • minimus

    Here, I thought disfellowshipping was a JW thing. I recall one other religion that used that term.....btw, DISFELLOWSHIPPING sounds much worse than shunning.

  • gumby

    Here, I thought disfellowshipping was a JW thing.

    The quote WAS a JW was from CT himself. He's the one that started the movement....remember?

  • minimus

    It seems CTR wasn't advocating disfellowshipping.

  • onacruse

    According to my CD, this quote is from the October 1879 Watchtower, under the heading "The Ten Virgins."

    Also, from What Pastor Russell Said:

    "There is the one procedure for disfellowshipping one who has been considered a member of the body of Christ, only one method, namely; go to him alone. If unable to have the right understanding of the matter take two or three others. If still unable to get into harmony, etc., it may then be told to the church, through its proper channels. It would be wise, in taking two or three others, that you take two or three elders of the church, for they would be very suitable ones to take along. If he refuses to hear these, then it may be brought to the attention of the church, and only in that way and by the voice of the whole company of God's people who might be meeting together, only by their vote in the matter could anyone be disfellowshipped as a brother." (Bold added)

    This arrangement continued until the late 30's-early 40's. I'm not sure how it was done from 1944-1952, when the "modern" df'ing procedures were instituted.


  • simplesally

    Yes, but have you ever seen a congregation vote? One elder votes "for" something or "motions" for something to pass, then the congregation follows the leader.........if ever you have seen a person vote "against" a motion, then you will have seen that person looked at real funny!! I have seen a sister vote against a motion to pay a certain bill (and actually most people were grumbling about it) but no one except her had the guts to follow thru and turn the motion down.

    I would think disfellowshipping would go the same way........if an elder recommends it, the congregation goes along.

  • LucidSky
    The quote WAS a JW was from CT himself. He's the one that started the movement....remember?

    I think the Bible Students would disagree:

    Isn't Charles Taze Russell the Founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses?

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