Wedding receptions -- weird JW ideas

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  • Gopher

    Have a reputation for being immature and quick to take offense! Then you can find yourself invited to a JW wedding reception. Do you doubt this? Read on. (My supplementary comments are in

    RED .)

    *** w84 4/15 20-1 Find Balanced Enjoyment at Wedding Feasts ***

    Honestly, though, who of us [who might get invited to a wedding] would want our friends [the bride and groom to be] to be so afraid of slighting us that they would get saddled with debt and perhaps miss out on the full-time ministry? [OH, the pioneer ministry! I cant wait! I cant wait! Lol.] If we are not invited, how much better to trust that they maturely weighed all factors, including finances. Their not inviting us may even reflect their confidence that we are mature and will not be quick to take offense. (Ecclesiastes 7:9; 1 Corinthians 13:4-7) [So those who ARE coming include those who would whine and complain loudly if they WEREN'T invited. People who are "mature" get left off the invitation list. That sounds like a real fun group to be with!]

    We still can share their happiness by attending the Bible-based wedding talk, which is the more important part.

    [Come on and hear our Watchtower-based propaganda. Forget about your friendships.]

    Worldly people are bad, ill behaved. And JWs always conduct themselves appropriately. Read on.

    *** w97 4/15 25 Weddings That Honor Jehovah ***

    Some have chosen to invite worldly acquaintances or unbelieving relatives to the wedding talk rather than to the reception. Why? Well, there have been cases when worldly relatives created such an embarrassing situation at a wedding reception that many brothers and sisters felt that they could not remain. Some couples have arranged to have only a small dinner with close family members and Christian friends.

    [I'm sure such relatives are puzzled when they're invited only to the talk but not the reception. Imagine if they could read this drivel! They'd probably throw a fit!!]

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  • ashitaka

    Let's exclude everyone!! That won't be cause for our extended families to hate us!!!


  • scumrat

    Here's another weird idea. At my brothers reception, they placed several song books at each table and had everyone sing kingdom songs. AAAAARRRRFFFF !!!! I got so shitfaced. So sometimes you don't miss anything.

  • Pleasuredome

    i have to say that i never wanted to get married at the KH ever, or want a WTS service as the main part of the day. it would be my day the way my me and my to be wife would want it. no the way others would want it.

  • minimus

    Somewhere it states that a group can get together and sing kingdom songs but you can't dance to them! It's bad enough going to a JW reception and singing kingdom songs, but imagine dancing to "Let's watch how we walk"???

  • wednesday

    Years ago when there was a wedding everyone was invited. then they started saying that even jw are bad assoication. Then it became an invite only. I crashed a wedding once b/c the bride wanted me there but her sister did not. They actually had MS at the door to keep out uninvited people. Some receptions are ok with dancing and all. Others just stand around.. years ago some jw tried to start a trend by saying personal vows. The WTS quickly stopped that.

  • Gopher

    Minimus and Wednesday (two days early !!),

    Thanks for the reminders about the man-made rules that apply to JW wedding receptions. Once there was a music band made up of JW's here in Minnesota that played mainly at JW wedding receptions. They jazzed up one kingdom song (OK, they set it to a polka beat, this is Minnesota after all), and used it as a prelude to a 15-minute break in the music. The elders put a stop to that "desecration" of the Kingdom song really fast, LOL!

    Personal vows, Wednesday? That smacks of independent thinking, or just plain creative thinking! We can't have THAT now !

  • NeonMadman

    Maybe they could have the elders start forming "marital committees". All weddings could be performed in a secret meeting in the back room of the Kingdom Hall, and the elders could even supervise the deflowering of the bride, to make sure that no grossly unnatural acts are performed between the new husband and wife. As an added benefit, due to the secret nature of the meeting, no one could be offended that they were not invited. The new couple might be granted recognition at the next Service Meeting through a simple announcement stating that 'Sister A and Brother B have been married'. No further details need be given to the congregation, but all will thereafter treat the two as a married couple.

  • bittersweet

    this is a great thread.Ever notice how all the elders were always invited to the receptions? I guess none of them were mature,eh?

    When my husband and I got married,we had to have a brother "oversee" the music and all that good stuff.We had to go over the music we wanted to play.Anyway,we wanted to play a song by Madonna(a decent one mind you),and he said we couldn't because of her one of the songs we wanted to play was "Earth Angel",and the brother said we couldn't play that song because it had the word angel in it,and it had the worlds viewpoint of what an angel thing though,when that brother got married(when he was an elder),he had some questionable music at his reception.

    Out of curiosity,those of you that heard kindom songs at receptions....where was that?I never once heard kingdom songs at receptions...that would be too funny.

  • apple829
    Once there was a music band made up of JW's here in Minnesota that played mainly at JW wedding receptions

    We had a "band of brothers" here, too, except they played old Motown hits (they were pretty good). One wedding reception in the early 80's turned into a party! They served champagne. Brothers and sisters were singing and dancing to worldly songs and having a good time. Best time I ever had as a JW!

    Needless to say, after that, champagne was not allowed at any more weddings.

    There was also a ruckus about the song "Baby Come to Me" by James Ingram and Patty Austin. A line in the song says --"there's a special kind of magic in the air." Well, you can imagine how that went over with the elders, but the bride was insistent on having this song sung. They allowed it after the soloist agreed to say feeling instead of magic.


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  • barry

    Y ou apostates are soo funny, but then Ive never been to a JW wedding. Barry

  • cruzanheart

    Mine was definitely up in the "Weird" category. First of all, the elders questioned me and Big Tex closely to find out just what my wedding dress looked like, i.e., how much bosom did I intend to show, and what my bridesmaids would be wearing. The KH carpet was bright orange, just about the ugliest thing I'd ever seen, so I wasn't really going all out on this wedding. In fact, my parents bribed me with the idea that if I kept the cost of the wedding down, they'd pay for the honeymoon, so I hit them up for 9 days in Cancun. THAT was worth it! The wedding itself was merely endured. I had one attendant, my best friend, which ticked off the moms who wanted their daughters to be flower girls. Both mothers argued bitterly over the wedding and the reception. I didn't have a cake because somewhere my mother had read that it was an old Roman fertility symbol (too bad, Mom, I had two kids anyway!), which ticked off everyone else. My dad gave the wedding talk and it was the only wedding talk he ever gave dry-eyed, because he and Big Tex had gotten into it the week before the wedding and he was pissed. My darling mother-in-law and her best friend spent the week of the wedding trying to break us up. It took two Valium to get me through the wedding, and half a bottle of Scotch for Big Tex. I threw up for two days after the wedding.

    HOWEVER, our 20th wedding anniversary will be next June, so the wedding was merely a blip in our happiness.


  • ballistic

    Of course! Why not just have a contribution box at Weddings to make giving easier. No fumbling around with 'wedding lists' or gift wrapping. Give all your money to Jehovah. He obviously needs it!!!

  • Gopher

    I'd LOVE to hear "Like a Virgin" by Madonna at a JW wedding reception.

    LOL @ Neon Madman -- you don't suppose the virginal bride and groom would have "performance anxiety" if the consummation of their marriage was witnessed by the older men??? OHMYGAWD. Too funny.

    "Earth Angel" and "Baby Come to Me" are viewed as unchristian?

    JW weddings bring out the "weird" in elders and elderettes!

  • TresHappy

    I have only been to a few JW weddings and the few I remember were mostly pretty fun fare, except for the one I went to where they were dancing to Kingdumb Melodies in a gym. I thought I was going to heave.

  • NeonMadman
    LOL @ Neon Madman -- you don't suppose the virginal bride and groom would have "performance anxiety" if the consummation of their marriage was witnessed by the older men??? OHMYGAWD. Too funny.

    I forgot to mention that when the announcement is made at the Service Meeting, it would not be appropriate for the congregation to applaud, since this would be giving undue prominence to individuals.

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