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  • Tanalyst

    Over 30 years ago I was forced as a JW kid to listen to,"the end will come in the fall of 1974 or 1975.As a reader of the Bible I knew Christ said," no man knows the day or hour".
    I constantly doubted this 1975 garbage, but was still subjected to listen to it.The CO. Fred Plumhoff would say on Sunday, in his closing remarks," we don't know if next time we see each will be in New system or not." The anxiety it caused was high.

    I'm reading from The Harriet Lane Handbook from The Johns Hopkins Hospital. On page 556 under Obsessive-compulsive disorder it states

    a)Prevalence:1-3% of adolescent community sample.Equal gender ratio in adolescents.Age of onset is usually in childhood and early adolescence.This disorder often persists for years

    b)Diagnosis: Most common obsessions(repeated and intrusive thoughts) are fear of contamination, Obsessive Doubting

    Obsessive Doubting was me, I was constantly fighting the brainwashing i was subjected to.

    d) Management:Cognitive behavioral therapy is the psychotherapy of choice for obsessive-compulsive disorder. It involves exposing the patient to the anxiety-provoking thought and response prevention with homework assignments and education regarding the illness.etc

    Can you imagine shrinks giving JW clients homework assignments dealing with their history, false prophesies, etc.

    The "faithful and Discreet slave of JW's is neither faithful nor discreet.The mental garbage they pushed on their members is disgusting.

  • larc


    Cognitive behavioral therapy is the best treatment for a number of mental problems. This, in combination with the group therapy you can receive here is the best form of treatment you can find.

  • Tina

    Hi tana,
    There is a realm of thought that sees OCD as a personalitys attempt to reduce severe anxiety due to biological/hereditary or enviornmental causes,,,I agree w/ larc about cog/beh therapy, but many times that in conjunction w/ medication......clomipramine and certain anti-depressants have been shown to be quite effective. In the case of obsessional thoughts, medication makes one more accessible to therapy by reducing the level of anxiety,panic,and depression thus allowing one to focus better on the theraputic strategy at hand,,,,an 'umbrella' approach you can call it :> just my thoughts,regards,Tina

  • joelbear

    I am OCD myself. Good advice given above. I also recommend leading a very active life. My OCD is worst when I am idle.

    My last panic attack was in November and it was a doozy. I somehow made it to my doctor's office and they kept me there for 4 hours.

    OCD runs in my family although none of my witness relatives have sought treatment. I strongly encourage anyone here who thinks they may be affected by OCD to research it and/or see a therapist. Talking through it makes you aware of its affects and allows you to be ready for it when it starts coming on.



  • Tina

    Hi Joel!!
    It makes me happy to hear you're doing well!!
    If I may ask (and if you don't want to disclose,no prob,I understand) were you a checker? washer? counter? intrusive thoughts? etc etc.......it's just I find the dynamics of OCD fascinating :> hugs,Tina

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