Were You Ever A "Cause Finder"?

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  • minimus

    I knew an elder that used to have a favorite term for ones that he felt were always stirring up things. He called them "cause finders". Anytime a new issue could be made about something, they were there. For example, when a disfellowshipprd sister had a baby out of wedlock and certain ones wanted to give her a baby shower, they were labeled "cause finders". When a poorer person (which he disdained) asked the congregation for help and others rallied in their defense, yhe whole group were considered, just a bunch of "cause finders". Would you have gotten along with this elder? Would you have been given the label,"cause finder"?

  • Sadie5

    It sounds like these"cause finders" were just expressing Christian Love. Something some elders can't relate to.

    Sadie(yes, I'd be a cause finder)

  • shera

    No,I would not have got along with him.These"cause finders" sound like the real christians there.

    I guess I would of been labled one of those people.I'm the type of person who wants to help others and be there as much as I can for a person.

    Nothing wrong with finding a cause to help people.If I see someone down,the best thing to do is build them up.The worst is to enore people who need help.

    I never saw the ones who were in good standing..really reaching out to anyone.What is wrong with chairty and helping people...messed up huh?

  • Pathofthorns

    I guess "cause finder" is alot better than being labelled a troublemaker or a complainer

    I think the system is flawed because it ties the hands of the elders or leaves them inadequately prepared to properly address situations leaving them wide open to complaints. Since the system itself cannot be criticized or questioned or thought to be "wrong" and the elders lack real solutions they tend to get upset at those in the congregation that are a little more "idealistic" than most.

    Most know things are not the way they are "supposed to be" but are forced to overlook this and just accept it. Instead of rewarding innitiative to address and correct problems and difficult situations, this organization punnishes these people for not toeing the line and "waiting on JEhovah" to correct things.

    I was one that was disappointed at how things were handled but also realized that elders were very limited in what they really could do because the system itself prevented them. About the only thing I could do in the end to keep my sanity was to excuse myself from such a confining environment. Instead of being an atmosphere where people in difficulty were assisted and cared for, it was an environment were people seemed to be chastised and punished for being in a situation where they needed help.


    (a much better thread than "rate yourself" )

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    <<<<--------- BIG TIME CAUSE FINDER

    and reproved for it over and over.

  • ugg

    if you have a heart and care there is NO WAY that you won't be considered a "cause finder"

    yes,,,i was a cause finder,,,,and,,,, I HATE ELDERS!!!!!

  • minimus

    BTW, This critical elder got removed a few years ago and someone told me "He turned apostate". In the last conversation that we had, he said, "min, if you only knew what I know about what really goes on." Who knows, maybe he's here on this board...lol

  • WildHorses

    Who knows, maybe he's here on this board...lol
    If he is, he knows that you're talking about him when he reads this.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Always, bring on those self-righteous Pharisees.

    Guest 77

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