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    bjc2012, I've read your post with great interest and as I was reading it, I could not help but think, I don't recall anyone in particular that is making Ray Franz out to be an ICON.

    True you have ruffled a few feathers, but certainly not mine. Your information and any information by others on the subject of Bill, Ray or COJ sits on my shelf waiting for additional information such as yours, yours too, sits on my shelf.

    I have not read any books about the org. to convince me that something is drastically wrong with it. I have written many letters to the org. and it either sits on a shelf or is thrown in the garbage. My personal experience 'alone' is all that I needed to no longer be associated with an 'unloving' org.

    I find that most friends who have read COC are thankful to Ray that he was 'instrumental' in providing timely information about the org. His COC is allowing every person's personal conscience to be their guide thereby shifting any 'reverance' away from him.

    How and why have you come to the conclusion that many are making RF an icon? Is it because it has been a topic of conversation on this forum?

    Your comments would be appreciated.

    Guest 77

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