Angelo Catanzaro

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  • sparky1

    Back in the day, I was an acquaintance of Mark and Palma Bigelow (you can read from the obituary that Palma was Angelo's niece) and I even worked for Mark for a short time. To them, Angelo held god-like stature. I would be surprised that even if he knew TTATT that he would turn his back on it. But of course, anything is possible.

    Hey you remember that Sam Belfiore would explain in his talks that his name meant 'beautiful flower' in Italian? And he gave a heart warming talk on 'putting new wine into old wine skins' with his calm and grandfatherly manner. It is because of men like Sam Belfiore, Rudy Sunel, Charlie Sarakin , Dennis Raftopolis and Angelo Catanzaro as well as a host of Bethel speakers, that I wanted to become a Bethelite myself. I wanted to be just like them (Yikes! What was I thinking) In fact, Rudy Sunel was a friend of my mother and when I told him that I was accepted to Bethel in 1974 he was beside himself with joy. If he could only see me now!

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