No one has a PS2?!

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  • Jaxon

    I have had one since launch of the system, and actually have had 2 more since.. It's a long story.. But yeah I love the system.. SO does my roommate because now he doesn't have to go out and buy a DVD player since his broke he just uses the Playstation 2.
    I'm a gamer. I work for the largest video game retailer in the US as well. If you have ANY questions on ANY video games just ask!
    OH, I just got the game Zone of the Enders. OH MY. If this is how good games look than the gaming world is about to get rocked!

  • logical

    When's Chuckie Egg & Manic Miner coming out on the PS2?

  • Seven

    Hi Jaxon, Welcome to the board. I played the original Playstation to death. But couldn't wait for PS2, bought a DC, mostly for Soul Calibur. I cancelled my preorder for PS2, not wanting yet another 128bit system. I've read many biased reviews(both ways)about the Xbox, but I think I'll give it a try. I'm tired of rehashes of games done over and over. I would love to see something truly unique for a change.

  • Jaxon

    Hey Logical... no release date is set yet there..

  • Jaxon

    7 of 9.. I love my Dreamcast's too. ( yes hehe more than one in my house ) I love my PS2 more.. and yeah I'm gonna get an XBOX too.. I was a huge Gran Turismo and Metal Gear fan and when I heard that they were comin to the PS2 I had to get one..
    And on a side note, I still think Tekken Tag was better than Soul Caliber. No offense hehee

  • regan

    We just got a PS2 , too. Mostly using it for DVD watching, we have young sons in the house who love their playstation games and wondering if there are any PS2 games out or are coming out that are geared towards the younger kids? Thanks in advance!

  • regan

    We have a PS2. It is mainly used for DVD playing because there isnt too many games out there for small kids. I just read that Crash Bandicoot will be coming to PS2 so now I cant wait for that! My husband rented "The Bouncer" recently and had alot of fun with it, so that may be one we buy soon. Just wish the games didn't cost so much! We also have a regular Playstation too which is my 5 yr old boy's pride and joy. We have about 150 games and he plays them all like an expert. :O)

  • ozbrad

    I have close to 300 playstation games but i wont be buying a ps2 anytime soon as theyre 749 dollars here in australia and most games retail for 99.95...i saw the running demo of metal gear solid from zone of enders at a department store yesterday...looks to have gran turismo aspec as well...santa are you listening...ozbrad

  • betweenworlds

    Yikes oz! that's harsh. I would love to get one too, have to pay off my new puter first tho

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