Witness publications bloodguilty?

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  • freedom96

    Have you ever been in a store, perhaps a laundry mat, dry cleaners, doctors office, etc and seen a few of the Watchtower and Awakes sitting there?

    Obviously, someone needed to "place" some old mags, get their numbers up. I remember doing this too during early morning street work. :(

    Remember we were always taught that if we didn't use every opportunity to witness to others, to place publications, we could be held accountable and bloodguilty to Jehovah.

    Now we know this to be a cult-like organization, that in effect kills people with their doctrines, and tears apart families, etc.

    Could it be the other way around? When we see those magazines laying around, should we throw them away or destroy them? What if someone read it, and got involved? Would we really want that on our concience?

  • kelsey007

    At the post office near where I live and have a box someone would always leave the mags laying out early in the morning. On each occassion I could never resist the urge to toss them in the trash can. I have noticed that the mags are no longer left there.

    I always, even when I was a JW, felt that it was fraud to leave mags at such places when the real motivation was known as to be able to start your "time" prior to the meeting for field service. Of course I never agreed with the emphisis of "goals" and "reporting" your field service activities. This was one of the many things I questioned early on. Is the motivation teaching bible truths or meeting orginizational goals? That one always got me in trouble.

    Bloodguilty? I personally do not believe that one will loose their "salvation" because of the organization they belong to. I thought that the bible teaches that god judges the heart. Doctrine to me is much less important than motivation of the heart. That is what I get from the teachings of Jesus- If that were not true would it not take away from the need of Jesus ransom sacrifise? Does being a JW mean that the ransom sacrifise of Jesus no longer applies to the JW? Does it only apply to non-JW's?

  • benext

    It really is up to the individual as to the choice they make with their life. When the conditional "donation" arrangement came into effect it was with the proviso that magazines would be left with an individual who agreed to read them. The idea of taking "older" magazines and leaving them in public places seems inconsistent with that purpose.

  • NeonMadman

    One guy at the Witnesses Now For Jesus conference has had a rubber stamp made up that warns people about the JW's being a cult and offering a contact number. He then goes to laundromats and other public places and stamps the magazines that have been left by the JW's with the warning. I think that's a pretty cool idea, and am toying with having either a stamp or some stickers made up (Actually, I could make the stickers on my computer - hmmmm...)

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