Slip of the Tongue!

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  • qwerty

    When I was in my zealous days for the WTS, I was given the "privilege"
    of doing a WT & Awake demo.
    Offering the mags to my partner I said, "I would really like to leave these Bable base Publication with you, just for 15p to cover printing costs. The more I tried to say Bible the hard I found it. Years later I now know I was right the first attempt. :)

    On another occasion offering the WT about the Golden rule, all I could say was "the WT is talking about turning the other Cheek, you to others before they can do it to you! hurmmm I mean... do to others before they do it to you! The more I tried, again the harder it was to remember Jesus words. The cong was in hysterics.

    On Field sevice too. In the UK it's OK to go to peoples back doors (where we are it is anyway), on some houses there are outside toilets ....sorry "bathrooms", U.S. I knock on this back door, only to hear a voice from the toilet say, "hello I am in here, I am busy"!
    Quick as a flash I said (in other words without thinking) "Oh ok then we'll let you GET ON, bye, We'll perhaps call back another time, when you will be less busy"

    That's MY funny slip ups. Hope you like em.

    I don't get asked to do demos anymore....... yahoooooeee!

  • Simon

    I was on the work with someone and instead of saying "lift their heads erect" they said "lift their legs erect". We both fell about laughing and the person just looked at us for a couple of minutes like we were mad and then shut the door.

    Of course we were mad...

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