Suggestion for Memorial

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  • reubenfine

    How about if we all show up for memorial next year, go somewhere that nobody knows you, (or even where they do), and partake of the emblems? It would skew their numbers the looks would be priceless in a hall where 25 people or more would partake? Then get up and leave and don't talk to anyone. Besides, noone is to judge whether you're of the anointed or not.

    OK, maybe I've read too much Stephen King lately!

  • nilfun

    Heh, that would be funny, though I don't know if I would be able to

    succesfully combat my overwhelming nausea upon entering a KH.

    All those emblems might end up on Jehovah's carpet.

  • onacruse

    hehe...and everybody chug a whole glass of wine each and several crackers, then watch what happens when the supply runs out and the elders are staring at each other about how to finish the Memorial.

    "Do they have Kosher wine and matzohs at Plaid Pantry?"


  • jws

    Yeah, think about what it would do to those reported partakers figures.

    From what I remember, nobody dares questions such things. If there were a sudden dramatic increase, they would have some doctrinal 'splaining to do.

    Does anybody know, because I know this has to happen (any elders out there?). Are partakers recorded along with some "questionable partakers" category?

    The typical talk spends a few minutes basically trying to tell people not to partake (unless you're indoctrinated and "know"). I know with all their head-spinning explanations, some people aren't going to understand what they're implying and, like at any church, partake.

    Do the elders decide what to report? Do they filter? Or do they just report what they see?


  • Valis

    better yet, bring your own cheese...slice it up during the talk and wait for the sacriment...and just as it gets to you pull out a napkin and tuck it in like a bib..bon apetit' *LOL*...


    District Overbeer of the "Wine W/My Cheese Please" Class

  • dsgal

    I think some may already be doing that since the number of Memorial partakers just keeps on growing.

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    Sounds like a cool idea!

    Also, I'm sure Bill Bowen's thought of this already, you could all leave Stuffed Lambs at the Kingdom Halls on Memorial Night.

  • heathen

    I showed up to the last memorial and walked out just after they started passing the stuff around .I think It is retarded to pass that stuff around to people who are told not to eat and drink anyway.

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