'Joanie the JW Stripper" opens for Toby Keith

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  • blondie


    Paul Thorn opened the evening with a 30-minute set that had the crowd laughing. An established musician and songwriter, Thorn could easily work as a professional comedian. His songs were clever and deliciously funny, poking fun at everyday life.

    Most notable of his songs were Joannie, The Jehovah Witness Stripper," Turnip Greens" (dedicated to his mother), Butter My Biscuit" and the crowd's favorite, Two Dogs in Heat." Thorn was definitely a crowd pleaser.

  • scootergirl

    I got to see Paul Thorn (and get his autograph/cd) last year when he opened for John Prine. He most definately is a great comedian/singer. He had me laughing thru all his songs. Another great song of his is "viagra".......lol

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