Clarification: Windrider is not Paulie34

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  • Skeptic

    My former fiance, Windrider, has asked me to inform you that she and Paulie34 are not the same poster. This is to avoid confusion, as many of you know Robin.

    Posts from the username Windrider are from Robin. Posts from the username Paulie34 are not from Robin.

    I have confirmed this independently with both Windrider and Paulie34. Apparently, both have previously been known as Windrider. This is understandable, for obvious reasons. The Internet is a big place and Windrider is a cool handle, so it is expected that two people would eventually end up using it on different boards.

    So, just note that when you see posts from the username Windrider and the username Paulie34, they are not the same person. This is also evident if you compare writing style and the topics discussed.

    Thank you.


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  • paulie34


    My sincerest apologies for the confusion. From henceforth, I will refrain from using my codename in this forum and discontinue any postings. I had no idea of the connection and feelings between you and your windrider. I was under the impression that the numbers on the viewing area indicated an interest in what I had to say. I was wrong. These numbers indicated an interest in your romance at one time.

    With that, I will bid this forum a farewell. Perhaps just a few have shown an interest in my observations by accident of inquiry. If I have succeeeded, then I am content.

    Again, my sincerest apologies for the confusion....Goodbye.

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