For Know You

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  • larc

    Brother Know You, your essays and sermons have saved my life. You have taken me from the demon infested world of the apostates, the slim filled world of this evil place back to the sanctified world of TRUTH. I owe my life to you. I am now reading the latest Awake! magazine about the life of the chip munk, and my life is cleansed. God bless you brother, for coming here and saving us from the clutches of the lake of fire. If there were more brothers like you the whole world would be saved from Jah's wrath and destruction. I hope to see you in the new world under a peach tree petting a lion.

  • aluminutty


  • PopeOfEruke


    I disagree, I am unfortunately now, after years of living in the dung pits of apostasy, addicted to returning to and eating my own vomit. I can't give it up - even tried those damn patch things, did no good.

    Even Bro. KY Jelly cannot save me...


  • RedhorseWoman

    Um....larc, can't leave the demon-infested world of the apostates. You're one of our head demons.

  • wasasister

    GMTA, I guess....

  • Amazing

    Larc: When you are done with that monkey Awake! article, there is a special party where we are sacrificing to Beelzebub ... you're invited. We have a special guest, Dagon, who will be starting off with green foam oozing from his mouth when we see his eyes glow red. Real cool guy ... and Mrs. Dagon isn't half good either.

  • larc

    Amazing, Dagon was a pretty cool God, but he and I never got along. I did have a soft spot in my heart for his sister Judy. We were real close.

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