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  • Skeptic

    Hi, Paulie34,

    In your posts you keep saying:

    Hi, this is windrider..................

    Are you claiming to be Windrider, my former fiance?

    I am just trying to clarify your identity for this board. Many here are familiar with the former Windrider and Skeptic romance on this board....


  • SixofNine

    I'm guessin' the answer is going to be yes to that.

    And was that romance? lol *she to whom I'm winking understands*

  • Skeptic


    And was that romance? lol *she to whom I'm winking understands*

    I'll take your question literally. Windrider and I had a very passionate, intense and beautiful romance. Unfortunately, I lost her four or five months ago.

    The beautiful relationship that Robin and I had has changed into a beautiful friendship only. I am currently single, available and kinda, sorta looking. *Ladies, that is a hint.*


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  • paulie34

    This is windrider,

    I am not the same windrider. My profile is a guarded matter. I have been known as windrider for a long time. This originated with my love for motorcycles, surfing (yes Randy, I've surfed El Porto), mountain climbing, and flying.

    As you can see from my post, I have gone through a channel at this point through the code paulie34. This is to protect myself at this time. Windrider serves as a code name for me since I have been involved in areas that are of a sensitive nature. The scenarios that I have described on my posts are conveyed with compassion for my brothers and sisters. Eventually you will recognize the truth of what the "big picture" really is. I assure you, the concepts I convey are quite real.I personally need to exercise caution, yet I need to convey to my brothers and sisters the truth about what our reality means. In doing so, perhaps lives came be saved.

    There are reasons why you were part of the organization of the Watchtower, my friends. There are reasons you left. JW's/ExJW's have the potential to expand their consciousness to the point that transcends those who have caused you harm. Whether you realize it or not, you are growing spiritually, but in ways you may not understand at this time.

    I use motion picture subject matter as allegories since they convey a measure of truth. I am familiar with this industry.There is an element of truth in what is conveyed to us.

    You are the treasure. By continually seeking the truth, that part of you that lies deep withing you, you will find what true spirituality is and understand who and what you are.

    Each of you have gifts that you have never tapped into. You are much more than what you are.

    This forum can be a platform to serve one another, to understand one another, and bring an oasis of peace for all.

    Perhaps my postings are ambiguous. There are reasons.

    Treat each other with respect and love....and have fun too.....


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