Hey Dad! Why not wait a couple o' days...

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  • Jigrigger

    If one were to take the Bible very literally as some folks do with regard to the scripture that says a thousand years is but one day to God, then the notion that God would send his "son" down to earth when He did IMO doesn't seem too brilliant a move on God's part.

    I can picture Jesus saying "Hey Dad, if we wait a couple of days we can do this LIVE on CNN. Maybe You could pull a few strings and I could get on Larry King Live, maybe even the Tonight Show...you know, do a couple of miracles and the whole crucification thing live via satellite - the whole world could see it all at once - if we do it YOUR way it could take a couple thousand human years to spread the GOOD NEWS


  • Perry

    interesting point Jigrigger.

  • Jigrigger

    Hi Perry,

    Oprah too....Dr. Phil even, who's to say Jesus doesn't have any issues;)


  • Prisca

    Not to forget scoring an interview on Jay Leno or with David Letterman. Dave would probably want to hang out with him!

  • Bodhisattva

    Next on Sally: "Dad sent me to die, but I'm okay with it." Achmed is a Palestinian who wants to blow up Jews. Jesus is an Israeli who wants to get strung up by Romans. We'll ask them about their relationship with their mothers.

    Oi the blasphemy. Of course the last two millenia of history would be different without Christians. More Zoroastrians, I suspect.

  • Jigrigger

    Hi Prisca,

    Letterman and Leno of course would be asking questions about the hooker he hung out with, or how many of the disciples were gay;)


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