So much "growth"! JW Land double sided coin

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  • thedepressedsoul

    I'm finding it more and more funny how every WT article for the public or congregation, including JW Broadcast talks about all this "growth" and how fast Jehovha's organization is speeding up! Yet everything behind closed doors, insider information, Elder letters and sales paint a very different picture.

    I have news for you GB members! If you build 1 new building but then close down 4 old ones you can't classify that as "growth" and only mention the 1 new building on JW Broadcast!

  • ToesUp

    It's all a shell game! Keep things moving so everyone will think it's progressing.

    People (the ones who think) can see with their own eyes that the baptism #'s are way down. We noticed it before we left.

    I guess the GB thinks if you say it everyone will believe it. Some will and most will just play along, they don't want to loose the social club they belong to.

  • OrphanCrow

    The WTS is growing. In third world countries and developing countries. I don't think they are at all concerned about a lack of growth in developed countries. In fact, I think they want to trim the numbers in the countries where the "apostate problem"has become unmanageable. Smaller groups are easier to handle. Their recent makeover to an internet religion and their revival of public witnessing gives the perception that they are an active and growing religion in developed countries.

    The lower income levels in third world countries aren't a problem for the WTS - it is actually an asset. The WTS has been successful in grooming those countries for government contracts to supply "literacy aids" and they have a ripe market for distribution of their religious propaganda under the guise of educational tools. Not to mention how valuable certain populations are for the WTS' "bloodless medicine" investments. There is a larger demand for bloodless medicine in 3rd world and developing countries as well as easier hoops to jump through to test "bloodless" products and procedures on their members.

  • TheListener

    OrphanCrow - you depress me sometimes.

  • truthseeker100

    I hope you are wrong in your assessment Orphan Crow but chances are you are probably right.

    The only hope then is that the developing world develops fast and everyone has easy access to the information of the evil internet. Sort of mankind's revenge of the Tower of Babel scenario.

  • OrphanCrow
    The Listener: OrphanCrow - you depress me sometimes.

    I am truly sorry. Would you rather I not say anything? Would you rather not know?

    I understand how this is depressing - you have no idea how disturbing this is to me and how depressed I have been at times when I have found out what the WTS is up to behind the scenes. It would be so much easier if we were actually dealing with just a wacky religion instead of a global, organized network of people who perceive that their elitism allows them to do whatever they like with no regard for the human life toll that they are responsible for.

    Depressing? You have no idea. Or, maybe you do...I certainly do. I apologize again...but I don't know how to not say the things I do. If I kept my mouth shut, I would cease to exist, I wouldn't be real. Voice is all we really have - the WTS is responsible for establishing freedom of speech for them - it applies to me too. Thank gawd I live in a country that upholds those standards. Without that, the anger I feel towards the WTS would internalize and become unmanageable.

    Listener, if we lived close to each other, maybe we could just go and get drunk together once in a while so we could forget about it for a short period of time. Or better yet, smoke a bowl - that would at least make us happy for a bit. ;)

  • Vidiot

    What OrphanCrow said (both times).

  • done4good

    OrphanCrow is likely right. (Yes, both times)...At least an icon exists for one of the imbibements mentioned.

  • Petraglyph

    I think OrphanCrow says it like it is

  • Splash

    Take heart!

    Many third world countries are predominantly Muslim, so there will be difficulties getting converts.

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