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  • asensier

    Dealing with phonecalls from home is becoming increasingly more difficult. For any of you following my blog, please take a moment to look at my most recent post.

    As always, your support is invaluable, thank you.

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  • Ohiamfree

    Asensier - there are so many replied I can provide haha!

    One me big one is about you choosing Liam over your family. My future mother in law used this against my bf in a way. She asked him what he was going to do about all his friends. He didn't know how to reply at the time but I thought about a good reply to that. When you get married your mate IS your family, you leave your mother and father and they become your family - THATS LIFE. That's what your mum decided to do and your dad.

    Secondly - turn it on its head - ask them do they want you to come back because they want you to and they bullied you into it, or because YOU want to? What would Jehovah want ;) you need to reply with questions. Write replies down and keep them with you in case they call.

    These are a good way to try and make them realise that your relationship with them and your relationship with a creator are AND SHOULD BE two different things. As the scriptures say, everyone must carry their own load. Remind them of the prodigal son (did they see the drama a few years back at the convention? The DVD?) ask them if the family hounded their child to return or simply left them to make their own mind up. Even recommend they watch the DVD. They won't know what to freakin do!

    Keep strong, and don't forget there is support out there for people who need it - cognitive therapy is incredible for this - it helped me so much to not be in fear and I highly recommend it. There are lots of self-referral organisations out there. My counsellor was great at getting me planning about what I could do in the worst scenario etc.

  • Ohiamfree
    Oh something else! My counsellor helped me to realise that you can't make other people feel a certain way - if you mum thinks this and she thinks that etc that is HER problem not yours. So saying to her things like "I'm sorry that you feel that way, that isn't how I see things, I hope you can realise that simply isn't how it is one day" may possibly help. But most of all - don't feel guilty - how she's making herself feel is her problem and carries no evidence. Continue showing love and they might just see in the end that you are happier than ever.

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