Record Companies Violating Antitrust Laws?

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  • Satanus

    In a suit headed by the attoneys general of 28 US states, it is alleged that record companies Capital Records, Sony Music Group, Bertelsmann's BMG Entertainment, Seagram's Universal Music Group and Time Warner's Warner Music Group, along with retailers Musicland, Transworld and Tower Records have violated antitrust laws since 1995.

    "Our nation's business economy has been built on the notion of a fair and free competition," New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, one of the lawsuit's leaders, said in a statement today. "When there is illegal activity to fix prices--as was the case here--the consumer is always the loser."

    The lawsuit is based on what the attorneys general say is a long-standing conspiracy to prop up price of CDs.

    The FTC has estimated that the potential harm to consumers as a result of the pricing agreements could reach $480 million. The states have not yet set a price tag on their suit, however.

    My hope in human nature is strengthened. Supreme religious hierarchies' power was broken, thankyou luther. The monarchic systems were toppled, thankyou napoleon. The recoding industry's (RIAA) control monopoly of the fruits of creative artists is being challenged, thanyou premierly napster.


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  • Jigrigger

    Now, if they would just go after the oil companies...


  • avengers
    Now, if they would just go after the oil companies...

    Now, if they would just go after the religious companies...

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  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    I'd really like to know, when isn't the consumer taking it in the shorts?


  • stichione

    This justifies my claim of many persons I know that they were in their right to make illegal copies of music CDs.

  • Satanus


    Exactly. I especially like the part where the attornys general call the record companies' actions of propping up cd prices a conspiracy. That is music to my ears, in view of the political correctness mantra that labels anyone a fruitcake who yells conspiracy.


    It's on the way, at least for some of them.


    Taking the oil companies down to size will be for the next generation or the one after that


  • back2dafront

    yeah, i don't buy cd's anymore because every store i go to they cost frikkin $19.00.

    I remember when cd's cost HALF that much - not even 10 years ago. Crazy.

    yeah, maybe America will soon realize that EVERY corporation is ripping people off, whether in this country or in other countries.

    WAKE UP AMERICA - this country is only powerful by preying on others, including it's own people. That power is short-lived.

    *makes a run for the Canadian border*


  • Satanus

    Computer scientists working at microsoft have written a report that predicts that the riaa will be unable to stop private music file sharing. Read the news article on this report at


    In late September five music companies and three music retailers were fined more than $143million after being found guilty of fixing CD prices too high.

    I doubt those companies have learned their lesson.

    Btw, kazaa is loaded w some serious spyware. Kazaalite is safer. After kazaa is uninstalled, spybot can remove almost all of the spyware.


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