Can someone please help me identify this song...

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  • razorMind

    When I was little (mid- to -late 70's, very early 80's), my dad had a 45 record titled "Reach" (or something). Some of the lyrics are below:

    You've got to reach, a little bit higher,
    When the light within becomes a fire.
    Hey, hey, oh, oh, you've got to grow.
    You've got to reach a little bit higher,
    Get a hold on all that you desire.
    Search your soul and you'll never grow old.

    I have done a lyrics search on the Internet and keep coming up with a group "New Grass Revival". I listened to a sample of it, and it sounds NOTHING like the record I've heard. The sample was bluegrass music with banjos, etc. The record we had had a real heavy bass sound and was, well, really funky...and somewhere in the middle of the song was an instrumental part, maybe an organ, before the lyrics resumed.

    It didn't sound even remotely bluegrass-y. However, the guys singing on our record were definitely White. When you turned the stereo up, the bass would shake the house.

    Could somebody PLEEEEEZE help me out? Many, many thanks in advance!!!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    It was Orleans, and the song is by John Hall. It's on the album "Orleans - Best of - Dance With Me" and you can get if from CDNOW:

    Thanks for the challenge - I really enjoy searching for "impossible" stuff!


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  • razorMind

    YES!!! YES!!! That is EXACTLY IT!!! I'm visualizing the record now and that INDEED is the name that was on it.

    Thank you so much...I KNEW somebody here would know.

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