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  • SixofNine

    This is my daughters idea of how a UN meeting might go if it was, like, taking place in California:

    This is a UN meeting if it were in California(more specifically LA):

    George Bush: Hey dudes and dudettes of like, the world, wassup?!

    Like, the world: Hey.

    George Bush: Ok, so like, what's up with this whole Irak thing that's like

    goin' on dude? Is like Saddam Husane out to like, get us or somethin'? I

    like, totally don't really know why.

    Tony Blair: Hey dude! Sup? So like, what I'm thinkin' is like totally

    goin' on with Saddam Husane is he's like, totally uncool and dude, he

    like, wears the weirdest clothes. I think he like wants war or something.

    I don't know.

    Like, the world: Yeah.

    George Bush: Dude, I like totally agree. Irak, what do you like, think

    about the whole Saddam Husane thing man? I'm just like, wondering dude.

    Irak: Don't ax me dude, I only went to Kindergarten with Saddam. I haven't

    like, seen him since like, when we went to like, kindergarten or something

    like that dude. I don't know.

    George Bush: Like, ok.

    Tony Blair: Yeah, like, whatever. That's cool with us.

    Like, the world: Uh, no it's like, not.

    George Bush and Tony Blair: Like, whatever.

    Irak: Yeah.

    Like, the world: Whatever.

    George Bush: Ok, so like, anyway, next topic.

    Ok, so, like, what's wit dis whole American Idol thing dude? Nikki like

    totally should've won. And dude, what's with that Simon guy? He is so

    uncool. He like totally needs a bigger wardrobe man.

    Tony Blair: Dude, totally forget about that crap! You stupid Americans

    need to like, stop stealing our ideas dude!!! First you throw our tea into

    the ocean like it's worth nothin'. What is UP with THAT?! Ya'll are fine

    paying taxes on tea NOW, aren't ya? Oh, yeah and when ya'll just had to be

    on our side in like, world war 2?! What's so tuff about bein' evil dude?

    If you were evil the only different thing about your stupid "Axis of Evil"

    would be that we'd be in it!!! You're still so attached to us dude! Oh

    yeah, and NOW ya'll gotta come along and steal our Pop Idol and turn it

    into American Idol. Ya'll coulda just kept the stupid name dude! But

    nooooooooooo! Ya'll had to make your own name for it like we was gonna

    come and like, steal it back from ya'll! You can't like steal a TV show

    that's like already yours? Yeah, well we've got somethin' in like, store

    for ya'll! Have you heard of the premiere of the new British show,

    SpongeBrit Squarepants?! Yeah, I can see the anger on ya'll now dudes.

    George Bush: Dude, we went to your side in World War 2 because of like,

    Pearl Harbor.

    Tony Blair: Oh.

    Like, the world: Whatever.

    The like, End


  • SPAZnik

    Like, ohmygawd, that wuz like, sooo hilarious!

    *head bounce off each shoulder*


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  • pettygrudger

    Out of the mouth of babes!!! lol like whatever

  • Beck_Melbourne

    You are like totally cool dude that was like sooo funny. I wanna have your babies dude...*returns to filing nails*


  • Perry


    Are you, like, for sure....for sure?

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