What is a Ministerial Servant?

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  • footprints

    Because this site has taken a survey of past or current Ministerial Servants and posted a list, I think it is important to make it clear that: Not one Ministerial Servant was appointed by Holy Spirit.
    Current and ex Ministerial Servant are no more special or important than anyone else. In fact some are a lot less trustworthy than the average.

    On this note I would like to hear from all of you two things:

    1) What you saw some do to get appointed?


    Buy the CO and his wife a 2 week trip to see the Holy Land.
    Marry the POs daughter
    Kiss some major ass
    All of the above

    2) Some ways you saw Ministerial Servant feeding themselves off the flock.


    Stealing carpet.
    Having sex with the wife of his bible student.
    Molesting the neighbors daughter
    Lying about all of the above

    Just the facts. No names please.

  • Matty

    I became one through kissing some elder ass!

    You have to be available for everything and volunteer for everything. You should be bland always and never self-opinionated. It's not good enough to be regular on the ministry. Many pioneers never make Ministerial Servants because they are too maverick.

  • Dismembered

    Hi footprints

    No holy spirit? Must be the "brown nosing" that got me in then, or just maybe it was my hat.


  • pomegranate

    Is that a ten gallon hat? Maybe a twenty?

  • mommy1

    Isn't a ministerial servant basically a elder in training? Do you have to be a ministerial servant before you could be an elder?

  • Matty

    1 Timothy 3:8 says:

    Ministerial servants should likewise be serious, not double-tongued, not giving themselves to a lot of wine, not greedy of dishonest gain, holding the sacred secret of the faith with a clean conscience.

    Then in verse 12 13:

    Let ministerial servants be husbands of one wife, presiding in a fine manner over children and their own households. For the men who minister in a fine manner are aquiring for themselves a fine standing and great freeness of speech in the faith in connection with Christ Jesus.

    Very vague in some parts, isn't it? It gives bodies of elders plenty of leeway to discount brothers that they don't see as being champion toadies! In order to be a Jehovah's witness, you have to be all these things anyway, so really every brother should be a MS!

  • NeonMadman

    What did I do to become a MS? The first time, I regular pioneered. That was all it took in the cong. I was in. I also got to be good friends with the special pioneer/Cong. Servant who was sent in as special rep by the Society to straighten out our cong. Not because I was sucking up; we just worked together in service a lot and got to be buddies.

    The second time, I got married. They were bound and determined not to appoint me while I was still single. In that cong., you were a "youth" right up until you got married. They were still asking me to do "youth" parts on the meetings and assemblies when I was 25. After a certain point, I refused to do "youth" parts anymore, but they still appointed me a MS after I got hitched.

    I don't know any MS's who fed themselves off the flock. MS's don't have that kind of prestige or authority.

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