Prostitution in Isreal

by Tashawaa 5 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Tashawaa

    I've always wanted to know...

    Why were there prostitutes in Isreal? Why weren't they "stoned", and who were "visiting" them... hmmm, and why didn't they have a test for adultery for men? I think its pretty obvious.

    Also, Rome didn't allow the Jews to stone wrong-doers, so they were "expelled" from the Synagogue (df'd)... does that mean Jesus talked to these sinners??? Could they be re-instated (I doubt it). Often df'ing is compared to Isreal putting wrong-doers to death... but we can "come back", they couldn't... hmmm - obviously I'm not busy enough at work. This much thinking hurts.

    One last thought... did the wiping out of people eg. Flood, Sodom & Gomorrah, etc. ever really improve people - did they become more moral? more godly?

  • RevMalk

    Well, think about who the closest friends of Christ were......Maybe you'll find your answer there.

    A knaves religion is always the rottenest thing about him." John Ruskin, 19th-century British critic and author

  • jozb5

    Were? There still are prostitutes in Israel. I've seen programs that have shown it to big bizness there and the a lot of the prostitutes are shipped in from Russia.

    So the oldest profession is still in the holy lands.


  • SYN

    The oldest profession has always been EVERYWHERE! Religion doesn't cancel out LUST!

  • Tashawaa

    Lust. One of my points is, that is seems that only men of the bible get to benefit from this. They got wives, concubines, prostitutes, a "test" to make sure their wives were faithful...

  • SYN

    Well Tashawaa, it's really nice to live in a time where a guy can fall in love with a lady simply because she is a wonderful lady, and not because marrying into her family will give him extra power and wealth.

    And many Eastern cultures are still this way, even today. Hell, even people in the West stick to the marriage tradition.

    Why do you need a gold ring and a diamond to prove that you love somebody?

    There are probably many places on Earth where people would think you were weird if you told them what Western marriage entails.

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