Jehovah's Witnesses United?!

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  • Nassau

    Anyone here knows who runs this site? And who is James Long inside the WTTS?


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  • SYN

    Seen it before. The guy who maintains this site flamed Kent Steinhaug a couple of times by email IIRC. Plus, the m0r0n who designed it uses a bold font attribute tag for mouseovers on links, thereby making large regions of the site virtually unnavigable without pulling your eyeballs out and strapping them to the back of your head. That, and the fact that it contains anti-Apostate material (BLASPHEMY!) make it a definite addition to my list of sites NEVER EVER EVER TO VISIT WILLINGLY.

  • Kenneson

    I just had a look at the site. Definitely pro-Jehovah's Witnesses. Lots of apologetics. Nothing to be afraid of. Interesting Glossary broaching any terminology or word used in J.W. talk. Check out apostate under "A."

  • RunningMan

    He seems to be missing a lot of news. Those few meager newspaper references pale in comparison to the hundreds of articles regarding child molestation, shunning, blood fiascos, and many, many, more.

  • Nassau

    I've sent some nasty e-mails to the WTBTS and came one fellow, very aggressive and mad, offending me, whose e-mail address came from the JW UNITED!

    I thought it was coming from JW UNITED IN UNITED NATIONS

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