"No one knows the date or time..."

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  • Dia

    The REASON no one knows the date or time of 'the end' - and that no one NEEDS to know - is because being a Christian is about how you live! Right now and today. Not about protecting yourself from dying or figuring out unknowable things or making sure you sneak in under the wire.

    It's about how you're living your life. Right here. Right now.

    And in every moment and every situation in your life. And you don't have to be perfect either.

    Is this not the epitomy of what Jehovah's Witnesses do NOT know?

    And all the time and energy they could be spending BEING good Christians, they use instead to study to death every little Bible frivality anyone could ever suppose.

  • mamashel

    Dia, I couldnt agree with you more. The reality of each individual person inside is that we can show love and kindness to each other and it really makes us feel good. I believe that if we show kindness to others, it will come back to us. The problem with the jw's is that they are so self rightous, they never take the time to stop looking down their nose at people long enough to find out who that person realy is, and what is going on with them. Nice post dia. We would all do ourselves good to spread a little kindness around to each other.


  • RandomTask

    Because the witnesses DO for a reward, they DO for a prize. It doesn't come from the heart.

    Its like telling your kid, clean your room and i'll give you some ice cream, he doesnt WANT to clean his room, but he does it for the ice cream.

    Witnesses are told to love and they are told who to love, the love they show is directed to them, it doesn't originate with them.

    They are so far removed from what Jesus taught and the way he lived.

  • Dia

    Thanks for your replies. My friend advised me to, 'Be merciful with JW's' and what you say would speak to that.

    But it's so hard to be merciful to people who are doing so much evil, however inadvertently.

    I just can't believe it's also 'unknowingly'.

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  • Anastasis

    The views presented here are contrast to the apostles views. They surely lived in expectation and hoped to keep themselves blameless unto the return of their Lord, where they would all get their reward according to what they had done "in the body". So JWs lack spirituality, christendom lacks true Christianity.

    God Bless

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