New letter, re: Fully Utilizing Kingdom Hall Auditoriums

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  • oppostate

    These strategies are only impoverishing the already over burdened publishers.

    And while the WT may be amassing a lot of wealth, this trend isn't sustainable.

    Eventually there's going to be a lack of growth. Negative numbers in reports would be quite disappointing.

    There's no 1975 to blame this time, so they're going to excuse the lack of growth somehow.

    I can just imagine the abusive paragraphs in WT publications that will badmouth those who are cowardly holding back.

    The only thing I can figure is they're trying to build an endowment big enough that they will not need so many contributions and then make due with a smaller amount of publishers, but publishers who are deeply under the WT spell and profoundly loyal.

  • blondie

    that they are actually building kingdom halls in south Florida. Some kingdom halls are actually overcrowded in that area and there is a need for more.


    That's the baby boomers retiring in larger numbers to Florida...but the elder population is getting older and dying off. We attended congregations where people were 50 and over and only 3 children under 18.

    I call this musical congregations

    A family of 6 moves out of one congregation and goes to another



  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Car-sharing/pool will now be "encouraged" in every other Watchtower/Kingdom Ministry/public talk - "to show true Christian love for one another!"

    More transparent than a supermarket window!

  • _Morpheus

    "They did a Doc Brown, took all their money and gave them a shoddy bomb casing full of used pinball machine parts."

    great referance 😂😂😂😂

    he actually said a "shinny" bomb casing, which makes it evem more funny and more true. Congregations were sold a shiny new kh plan. In return they are getting a more crowded KH. Its epic and im still tittering and hoping it impacts us locally. It will be all i need to fade away....

  • Finkelstein


    The only thing I can figure is they're trying to build an endowment big enough that they will not need so many contributions and then make due with a smaller amount of publishers.

    That may be closer to reality than anything.

    " We can only put out false information and bullshit for so long brothers, what should we do to sustain the organization and the people like us who depend on the organization for a living ? "

  • konceptual99
    Has this letter appeared in other countries?
  • WingCommander

    Know what I find really disturbing? The use (multiple times) of the words "Master Plan." If that's doesn't scream "old Krout-controlling-Nazi-cult-leadership", I don't know what does. That is really creepy and weird.

    "Ya Schroeder, Franz told me dat ve hav to cut bach on uzing da gas chambers so much, ve need to conserve da Zyclon-B."

  • OneEyedJoe

    I can't imagine a better place for them to do this than my (well I haven't been in months, so I guess now it's my wife's) congregation. They meet in a 2-auditorium KH with 5 congregations. When the CO comes to a congregation that normally meets on thursday, they already cram two congregations into one auditorium instead of changing the midweek meeting for the tuesday-nighters to a different night. It's a little full, and I know a number of JWs that intentionally skip those nights because it's uncomfortable, but they all fit just fine. I can easily see them dividing one congregation among the others and taking on the two congregations from a (recently remodeled) KH that's about 10 minutes away. That little shell game would leave them with 6 congregations meeting in the double auditorium hall (they were doing that at one time a few years ago) and sell off the KH that they just got finished fixing up on the congregation's dime.

    Actually, if they do this right and divide up the congregations that are getting reassigned to new halls slowly and evenly distribute them among the surrounding congregations that aren't moving halls they'll even leave most of the R/F with a vague impression of growth. They'll notice that the KH is more full, but won't look around and realize that everyone's been a JW for 20-30 years and just got reassigned. Only the ones that actually have to change their routine will really notice anything, and most of them will probably think "wow this new congregation that we moved to sure is full, they must be growing quickly."

    From their letter, it seems to me that they know exactly what they're trying to do - manage decline while selling it as growth. They start of talking about all the growth, but spend the entire rest of the letter talking about consolidation. I so hope they do this in my area, as my wife will likely be missing a lot more meetings if they add 20-30% more people to her congregation's roster.

  • poopie

    Ok boys and girls this is the strategy 1. Force those publishers that live out of the territory to go to cong in there territory only ,co is already doing that here. 2. That will tell them what true needs are for merging .Those that do not obey co will be labled disobedient and will not get privledges.Next they will sell off halls that become less utilized because they are in area that is not public friendly.Next they will build those metro halls with the money from sell of less utilized halls.

  • freddo

    Congregation "Woe is us" with low elders (5) merges with Congregation smug "We've got more elders because we're spiritual" (10) = 15 elders.

    Who wants to watch the "I wannabe the CoBE" wars?

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