My church's policy on reporting abuse.

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  • JeffT

    Yesterday every body that volunteers in the nursery got a pamphlet on various policies that apply to us. This is the complete text of the section on reporting abuse.

    If a volunteer suspects a child has been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused or neglected, OCC staff must be notified immediately. The suspected abuse will be reported to the proper authorities immediately. Please do not interview the child regarding the suspected abuse; trained personnel will handle the process. Do not discuss the suspected abuse; all information about the suspected abuse must be kept confidential. The volunteer will be asked to complete a Suspected Child Abuse Report by the Department of Social Services, to be completed within twenty four hours. Confidentiality will be maintained where possible. Immediate suspension shall result if a staff member or volunteer is suspected of child abuse until a complete investigation and decision are made by the proper authorities.

    Quite a change from the mealy mouthed statements coming from J R Brown.

  • PurpleV

    Why... that's downright.... normal!

    What a concept! Turning molesters in to social services and the authorities. Unheard of!

    Guess we'll never see a hoard of angry lambs marching in front of YOUR church, Jeff!



  • out4good3

    Guess there are some people who just "get it" and some that never will. My JW relatives are still full of excuses in support of protecting the WT image.

  • Imbue

    There are special guidelines that schools must follow for there licensing. This seems to be the typical policy for most educational institutions. The WT's policies may seem reasonable to some but we know these polices contradict an unwritten code of conduct weaved into the social structure of the JWs. These codes of conduct contradicts their public statements. The reality of how these matters are handled and what policies exist are sometimes very different.

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  • RN

    Yes I agree, quite normal.

    Of note: (1) everyone who works in the nursery received a copy of this policy (2) The policy spells out what to do (3) the policy spells out what not to do.

    So amazingly simple, right there in black & white, a single paragraph that can be understood by anyone. No complex, convoluted rules or reasoning. No "researching" of dozens of articles to get the correct "reasoning" on the matter. No reading between the lines.

    But has the WTS figured it out yet? Of course they haven't!

    Thanks for sharing Jeff.


  • willy_think

    I must agree with Imbue, what you have shone us is a policy for chilled care volunteers much like the polices in my state. It is a good one, but it is not the policy used by the clergy. If you inquirer you will find another policy (hopefully just as good) for church officials.

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