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  • enricofrassinetti

    Dear brothers and sisters of the world. (and answering also to UnDisfellowshipped)

    Excuse me always for my broken English.

    I have seen many discussions in this forum, about the barcode, but want specify, that is only symbolically that I speak when I say that is the BARCODE the mark of the beast 666.

    The UPC BARCODE (Universal Product Code), utilized in all the world from the organization of the trade, is his method of control of the fixed price , of the beast 666, but is only one of the modes, of make all humanity in slavery....but:

    1. In the next future ( not too away ) the DIGITAL ANGEL, declared from UnDisfelloshipped, is another of the methods of control, from part of the men of the "wide beast 666".
    2. Barcode is the method for see, with the scanner, the FIXED PRICE, necessary for the transactions of the trade, eliminating the possibility of discuss the price of every product, for the major part of the people, when go buy to the supermarkets.
    3. Digital Imprints or Retina Scansion for be known to the financial or bank sytem.

    All these systems permit only symbolically of give the mark to all, because the real sense of "mark of the beast 666" is that of slavery all humanity, with the economical debit, for every individual person of the earth.

    The freedom by this situation of poverty, the famous Economic Independence , depend only from a just economic system, based on just principles, that only servers of Jehovah will be capable of do.

    Today the economic system of the beast 666, and of his satan men, dont permit of to have freedom from the poverty, because the their only objective, is that of make all men of the world in PERPETUAL AND CONSTANT DEBIT.

    For this, the evolution of the his economic system is based on the creation of only great distributions in enormous trade commercial center.

    Between little time, will be possible buy and sell only in these center controlled from the men of the beast symbolically speaking, but this will be more evident, when dont there will be more the condition that the money in papier, dont be more possible emit, for the bad condition of the economy of the world in serious economic recession.

    This bad condition, will permit only of create a economic circuit where only the possessors of his march 666 will can buy and sell, but only with his collaborators economics.

    Who accept the conditions of the beast, can operate with dispassionate, but always in slavery.

    Jehovahs Witnesses dont must be slave of no one, and only mode of detract frm us this situation is only construct a new economic system capable of go against current.

    The modern technologies, will permit in the future of control constantly the actions of the all habitants of the world, with biological instruments for identify the persons by means of the DNA, and so with this mode, the beast will can slavery all us.

    Is not difficult understand this new light , because Jesus say that we dont must be slave of the man (1 Corinth 7:23) , and only ceasing of conforming to this things system, is possible detract the our identify with another parallel economic system, for all us Jehovahs Witnesses.

    Do you want anyway understand my ANALISY OF THE ECONOMIC WORLD SYSTEM


    Enrico Frassinetti

  • WTinfiltrated

    Frassinetti wrote:

    <<...for all us Jehovahs Witnesses.>>

    He's a lier. He's not a JW.

    He was disfellowshipped



  • TTBoy

    I'm not really sure what you are trying to get at with this post.

    Do you think the world will be so controlled that we'll have barcods tatooed on our necks? That JWs should be no part of governmental regulation and identification like retna scanning or other means to identify people? I did see the point about bar scanning for a set price in supermarkets. From a companies standpoint and from someone who doesn't like to be cheated it's a good idea. You can switch price tags on products if it were not for barcoding.

    Please clarify.


  • gumby


    To my be so close brother who i see close to future and what others may see me to i think so.

    The BARCODE as i see satan have control which mean 666 be the number which have perfect sense. i think. the digital scanner that stuck in the retina that embark for the supermarket trade and worldwide collaps only mean symbolic for the future of people.

    Barcode and economic system for the see of the catastophic lines between the system mean satan can operate only as the retina can last for time to control system.

    Thank you

  • logical

    A barcode makes life easier, it has no stupid significance in relation to bible prophecy. You try remembering the price for every single different item in a supermarket etc. They save time and money, and really if you have aproblem with labour saving devices why are you on a computer? The computer is just as evil in your logic, and the computer is the other half of the "mark" - without the computer the "mark" is useless.

    Fair enough, you warn about being slave of man, but really does the barcode make one a slave more than ones own ACTIONS? I think your missing the point entirely. A physical mark means nothing, but ones actions and words show who a person is.

  • gumby

    You tell em logical....well said BTW.

    A side point for you. I saw star trek the other day (I NEVER watch it) and saw the girl you got your pic from. I always thought that was you.Blew me away.

    Anyway along with your thought. A Mark is is Probably the mark in the" Bible" which I have come to believe is greatly questioned and for good reasons.

    I do believe a person will fare....however that may come the person he is ....good or bad.

    Whatever the case yourself and fellowman , and God if he is real to you, .....and "don't sweat the lighter stuff"

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  • Navigator

    I wonder how Enrico would like being in a supermarket line behind someone who is trying to negotiate the prices on a basketful of groceries. I used to be a checker in a supermarket before barcodes were invented. I was fast, but not nearly so fast as a modern checker with a bar code scanning device. When I wasn't checking, I was busy changing prices on shelf stock. What a pain! Now all they do to change prices is adjust the price in the central computer. Think of all the labor hours that saves. Makes for lower prices for everyone. The grocery business is the most competitive business in the world. Perhaps Enrico is not playing the game with a full deck.

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