Timeless Watchtower Classics from K-Tel

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  • Beans

    Check it out,

  • Scully

    Holy crap!!

    I wonder how much the e-bay people are willing to bid on those?

    Love, Scully

  • Beans

    Scully, Quotes sent me that and the bidding closed with no bids! SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!

  • avengers


  • ballistic

    You were trying to sell that on ebay? I actually had the same set.

    Our congregation went through a spell of trying to get supermarkets to play the kingdom melody tapes. I could never see the point in that. Refering to something as 'supermarket' music doesn't exactly do it any favours.

    Edited by - ballistic on 5 October 2002 6:2:58

  • Dizzy Cat
    Dizzy Cat

    Yes but there is a subliminal message playing backwards throughout, something about "you are all going to die soon, ha ha ha haaar, and we'll get your houses and dance on your smelly corpses" .... at least thats what I heard in the mix?

  • Quotes

    Beans, I am so sad you didn't bid on this item!

    You could use them as over-size drink-coasters the next time your Dad comes over!

  • Beans

    Now that is a great idea, I played the Kingdom Melodies backwards and it said "we love apostates and we are just selling magazines to support our crack habit".

  • ballistic

    I played one kingdom melody backwards and it said "another one bites the dust, another one bits the dust, and another one does and another one does, another one bites the dust"

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