Survivor abuse

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  • bomatt6

    Last Night's Survivor shows how ridiculous these abuse allegations are
    and how they are handled.

    Ghandia accuses Ted of getting touchy feelly with her when they are
    sleeping. Then gossips to others. If she didn't like his hugging and touching
    then she should not have been sleeping in proximity with him. She should not
    have allowed anything. If she found it was bad, she should have stopped it then.
    There are cameramen recording everything. Then she lowered herself by gossipping about it.

  • pomegranate

    Where's the level of IQ for an individual that compares the seriousness of child sexual abuse with a ridiculously exploitive television show?


  • Celia

    You are a sick jerk, Bomatt. What does that have to do with adult men raping 6 year olds ?

  • LovesDubs

    I tell ya guys...this ones a Chester the Molestor and wants to get about doing what he does without anybody interfering. Watch your kids!

  • Lady Lee
  • ugg

    you are so sick and cruel.....are you one of the annointed

  • radtrinidad


    For somebody who belongs to a faith based on LOVE you seem to bear the heavy burden of hate in your heart. What drives you to despise these so-called apostates so much? Did somebody in your family leave the faith and hurt your family? What's the deal dude?

    Peace, Rad

  • Angharad

    Simon de-activated Bomatt earlier - probably best to let rubbish like this die and not give it the attention this person obviously wants

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