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  • Bendrr

    Something I've always wanted to do is take some trip overseas to another country. England has always been my first choice.

    Now I'm in a position to actually take a vacation in England. I looked at some prices on for airline/hotel combos for a week's trip to England and what I found made me very hopeful about going.

    I tentatively "planned" the trip on the website for around the last part of February or the first part of March since that would be in the "slow" season at work and they could spare me. We technically only get a week's vacation a year but during the slow time sparing me for a couple more days would be no problem.

    The vacation packages I'm looking at would have me staying in a hotel in London (West Cromwell Hotel, Pembridge Palace Hotel, or the Atlantic Paddington Hotel). I want to stay in London and spend most of the vacation taking a walking tour of London. But I also want to see Stonehenge while I'm over there if I can. And hopefully see some of you as well.

    So what kind of information could you share with a potential tourist?


    p.s. I may also rent a car if I feel comfortable with the major adjustment in driving positions.

  • ballistic

    Dont spend most of it in London. Most of us here hate London. Plan a tour including Stonehenge, Cornwall, Bournemouth, Lake District and at least some of Scotland.

  • Bendrr

    Thanks, Ballistic.

    Like I said, I do want to see Stonehenge if I take the trip. I'd love to get outside London and see as much else as I can.


  • chachasmum

    i'm also known as CherylWheryl i changed my username. I just wanted to say if you should get to the north of England go and visit the Lake district. It is very beautiful. Very scenic.

  • bay64me

    Could you fit in some time to visit North Wales too?

    It is very beautiful there.

  • Dizzy Cat
    Dizzy Cat

    I would definetly recommend avoiding London. Its just a big part of the RAT RACE ! Too overcrowded and overpriced. The attractions there are a major letdown as well. If you've seen London on the TV, thats about all you need to see.

    I would say go to the Devon/Cornwall area of the UK instead and witness the beauty of the countryside. Not to mention the fresher air and slower pace to life.

    For God sake avoid the place where I live - Birmingham. A mostly grey and miserable industrial centre ...

  • Angharad

    If you do come up north let us know and we will meet up. We are in Manchester which isnt too far from the Lake District if you visit there - Scotland and Wales are very nice too.

  • Englishman

    I don't agree that London is bad, there's loads to see after all.

    Me, I'd see the changing of the guard at Buck Palace, tour the Tower of London, definitely go on the London Eye and wander around Trafalgar Square. That would take up, what, 2 days?

    Oxford is a must and could be easily combined with a visit to Stonehenge, they're both in the same general direction and about 2 hours from the City.


  • outnfree

    Not being a, I'm still going to put my tuppence in!

    I think Europeans often forget that the United States is a very YOUNG country. So to say to a Yankee tourist that s/he should avoid London is just plain wrong, in my opinion. If Bendrr likes history at all, the Tower, Westminster Abbey, the British National Museum would all be fascinating. As we have no royalty and I think visits are now permitted Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard are totally touristy, but also totally "must dos". (So are getting a picture taken in a red phone booth, riding a double decker bus and taking the tube -- perhaps to Harrod's?)

    While I understand that the natives hate the big city, for an American, all the antiquity -- even just in the architecture many places -- is something very different and interestingly humbling!

    And if Oxford is near to Stonehenge, then that would be a nice day trip.

    Remember, too, for us Yanks, distances in Europe are short. Bendrr could probably visit a LOT of you (and a LOT of pubs) in a short time! LOL



  • sleepy

    Do go a see London.Its one of the best cities in the world , that is unless you hate cities which some people do.I personnally find them amazing places.

    Plenty of art galleries and musems amazing architecture and history , dont confine yourself to the centre though theres lots of "villages' to explore in london.

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