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  • badboy

    Shows man carrying wheat.

    As the agricultural way of life is unhealthy,in archeaological research,teeth were badly worn in agricultural sites in the Ukraine compared to archaeological sites where hunter-gatherers lived, what will happened in Paradise Earth to ensure our teeth don't get worn down as a result of eating agricultural products.

    (I hope I haven't offended anyone connected with agriculture).

  • Amazing

    On rare ocassions some people in today's world will grow a third set of teeth as they lose their second set. I suspect the rationale of the Watchtower is that "Perfect People" will be able to grow new teeth as each set wears out.

    Another possibility is that as we age, calcium fills in our roots as our teeth nerves recede. So, Watchtower theory could be that in perfect people your teeth will continue to gradually grow as they wear from use, thus your teeth will always be in perfect shape.

    You know, maybe this perfection thang is not so bad after all.

  • RunningMan

    Evolution has recognized the fact that, under natural conditions, our teeth wear out. Therefore, it has developed four more teeth that emerge after maturity - your wisdom teeth.

    So, in the new system, will our teeth continue to rot, wear down, and fall out over time to be replaced with new ones? Or, will our existing teeth become perfect, thereby resulting in an overpacked and rather painful mouth?

    Here is the real answer: Since the whole eternal life/perfection thing is just pretend, you can pretend any answer to this question that you want. I think God will materialize titanium teeth for us that can be used to open bottles.

  • Francois

    I think everyone is forgetting that eternity is just that: eternal. The sun, however, is not. In fact, the sun will last only a teeny-weenie fraction of eternity. Actually, in terms of eternity, the sun is a very transient phenomenon - what's another 4 billion years or so when you're staring eternity in the face?

    The wear rate of teeth is nothing compared to the sun's life. And our type of sun will, in its death throes, turn into a Red Giant with a diameter almost as big as our entire solar system. This is a much more pressing problem than teeth, I assure you.

    And another problem with eternal life on a paradise earth, the sun problem aside, is boredom on the one hand and governance on the other. Perfect people need no governance, no governing body. And in just ONE billion years, there will be nothing that every human hasn't done at least ten times.

    Just as steak everyday quickly becomes boring, life everlasting on a paradise earth will become just as boring. Think of the most beautiful sexy person you can think of. If that person was yours, it would become boring after awhile, too. Remember, no matter how beautiful she is, no matter how sexy, there's some guy some where who's tired of putting up with her shit.

    No, it's not teeth that will be the real problem. IMHO, it will first be the insult of just the mere idea that a perfect people need governance, secondly boredom, and ultimately a dying sun that will make of the "perfect" earth a cinder.

    All of which pales in comparison to the concept of a God who is so unimaginative that the best he can think of is eternal life on this dust mote, when an entire universe of universes beckons beyond the stars of our local universe. A God with no imagination, imagine that.


  • outoftheorg

    Agricultural life=wornout teeth?

    "It has been said" NO NO NO don't use that phrase. Puke!

    I was taught that it was the method of grinding grains that caused the excess wear on teeth. The primitive peoples used stones on stones to grind grains and this put a lot of ground up stones in with the wheat. The particles of stones "sand" caused the excess wear.

    SO If a better method of grinding grains is used, will that stop the tooth wear??

    Francois? I am not sure but I think I could tolerate the "most beautiful-sexy woman" for a very looooong time. Then of course there have to be others. This would keep my interest? up for an eternity I believe.

    Couple of very important issues discussed here!!


  • BB

    If you brush and floss regularly you shouldnt have any worries. Fluoridated water helps. The bible refers to people who lived for hundreds of years. I suppose that if you lived that long, your teeth would have become worn down, no matter how well you took care of them. Ancient hockey players may not have faired as well.

    I would imagine that persons who lived for more than five hundred years would have had to puree their dinners in a Cuisinart and then suck them down with the use of a straw.

    I could be a little off on some of this. Its not like Im one of the GB, so try not to expect too much from me.


  • Lieu

    Skeletal cranials often still have the teeth. Teeth seem to last longer than the people.

    Just my .02

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